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Well there was very interesting past several days, lots of fears, lots of tears, lots of tlačing by Govedo who becomes Supreme Master of tlačing third day. Just to make little introduction and analysis of todays topic. France and Serbia sign NAP, just to make clear NAP is NOT VALID because i didnt sign it. France diplomacy did it againg, they left alone their ally.

Naive portugal player: Which one?

He he he you will see very soon. France need to return all region to Spain. So they betrayal Portugal. Gues where Spain will go for resources?

Naive portugal player: Where?

He he he or to laugh Je je je

Naive portugal player: Our ally will help us everytime when we need?

Govedo: Purge the unclean!!!

So let us back to topic of article

Govedos square in new Spain provincial town
When its nap time, you can find Govedo here
heheheh nap time, understand? hehehehe

Spain town where Xemma and Govedo talks of strategy
Govedos train when he come to visit Spainish friends

Spain is really beautifull country.

Како ће сервери у Болечу реаговати на промене у игрици?


Conquistador de amor

The president of the Regional Council of Alsace



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hahahahahahaha Spain love Govedo Laugh
Catalonia is Spain Kosovo is Serbia #JesuisGovedo
crazy son of the Govedo Laugh
Catalunya mai no sera Espanya Wink
Ambasador Španije je bio ođe o/
jajajajaja you re always welcome here bro o7
jajjajaja, good article. Wink