A Wrong Sort of Change

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One Button Illusion | Day 79 | Issue 10


Dear readers,

The Admins have proposed a
very important change in the game mechanics. They have given us, the players, an opportunity to cast our opinion and vote with regard the proposed change. I think that the change, if implemented, will have a very important - in my personal opinion - negative impact on the game. I do not have a lot of time at the moment, so I will make my comment very short.

I will continue to read the comments in the Admins article, as I expect more comments and suggestions on how the game mechanics should play out.

Take the time to read it too, and consider it carefully.


After having read the Admins proposal - the idea of implementing
a new war module, whereby we would have to fight in three separate battles within one battle, or, in other words, three walls, depending on what type of weapon you use - I have written the following comment in the article:

This will further increase the gap between VISA and non-VISA players. the other game does it better - division classification, depending on the strength - this makes the game more fair, as it allows weaker players a better fighting opportunity among their equals. Make divisions (if you really must change the war module), and separate players into classes depending on their strength, not types of weapons used.


In addition, the Admins propose that the battle price will increase to the total of 30 g (making it even more difficult for smaller nations to cope). Finally, the Admins propose that players will be allowed to compete for BH medals for each separate wall.

In other words, if you, as an individual or a country, want to make a difference or an impact, you are simply
forced to buy gold. Not only to be able to start wars or resistance wars, not only to be able to fight more and with better weapons, but also to build the necessary infrastructure (factories) in order to allow your nation s army to be able to strike at all three battles (all three types of weapons production).

Again, the VISA - at least to me - sounds like the most important reason why this proposal is being introduced.


I should, perhaps, add, that the voting system proposed by the Admins could be manipulated, so if you either agree or disagree with the proposal, be sure to cast your view in the comment. So be sure to check the article out, talk to other players, and make sure to have an opinion on this one.
If my logic is flawed in any way, please explain in the comments below.

Lord Marlock





Comments (21)

No Krsta No VOTE Cheeky
Tko ti je stisnuo prvi vote? Laugh https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIAXG_QcQNU
Jedva ste dočekali Laugh
i agree
Still no boobs, i agree with Marlock, free player will leave soon if this change implented
Maybe admins want to let play just to VISA players. If yes, they re in right way Laugh
Now all together in an attack on buyers ... if I undertand something, buyers help keep the game alive. Far worse than that, is sharing game with multies, bots, fake companies and various s ..
loša ideja i nece proci a ova igra od starta ide u krivom smjeru i svaki dan cekanjw sa promjenama ju gusi,jedina dobra ideja je bila sa promjenom dmg wepa ali su heliotisti bili najglasniji i to je propalo
It s still the best option available, and I thought this was a strategy game. Coordinated countries will benefit because they can organize better which focus on what so I don t understand why so many organized military countries is against it? am i the only one tired of sell q1 helis in the chat all the time?
v .. I m with you in this
VISA Jimmy86 likes the change... and so he should. These proposed changes are tailor made for VISA players. When proposed changes are introduced we can say good buy to influential free2play citizens and Jimmy86 and his VISA buddies can play among themselves
Well if only VISA players want to play -- let them. The *game will die* soon when no new blood (players) gets in and free players lose interest. GG WP ADMINS, ruin your own game!
I am against EVERYTHING!!!!
if bazokas are removed from lower divisions, award divisions with higher up more gold for BH, and to introduce lock, when battle starts, where player hits first, he can only fight in that division. Im not for or against this changes as i know ether way free players have no chance to win BH, especialy one that started now, even tho game is still so young. As its not like that over space of 24h there wont be one strong guy hitting in battle. So to me its all the same, but fact is not improvement that will make game more fun for all.
I completely agree with you !!
There can be changes in way of, for example, 8 rounds (battles) won neccessery for win a war - and on that way there will be more strategy implemented cause in this way its not important WHEN you hit cause battles are 24h long. But this walls are s**t, fi cyber*epublik was thet good that game would still last - no eRevollution would be needed for Christ sake!!!!! So dont make again the game that have failed already XD XD XD We want eRevollution. We want ere*ublik- just better then it is now, something that ere*ublik should become. Cyber failed once, and it will fail again Wink Your choice admins Laugh Give us more rounds and thats more bh and more interesting game, and more strategy, f**k cyber*epublik features Cheeky
That weapon damage modifier was needed but since that was scrapped I approve of this change. All battles are decided by strongest tanks hitting with Helis anyways. Think eRev is only doing this for money? Maybe but I think this would bring more opportunity to lower strenth players to help the battle if war module can be more refined. I am Non-Visa player who is still stuck in Q2 TG. I am not all for this update but I believe this would be better than current module.
Još gledam odakle mi je nick poznat, a sad sam prepoznao po Logu novina Laugh
You presented no arguments! Poor quality article! Sad