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Hello to all, dear citizens,

Today we have a suggestion for a change in the game, and we would like all of you to vote, and leave a comment bellow.

Our suggestion is implementing 3 Walls in battles. Country would need to win 2 out of 3 those walls to win the battle.
Players would choose which wall to hit by selecting appropriate weapons. By hitting unarmed or with pistols, they would be fighting in Wall 1, by selecting Tanks, they would be hitting in Wall 2, and by selecting Helicopters, they would be hitting in Wall 3. Players using RPGs would be able to choose which wall to hit.

This change would also mean that players can win 6 BH medals per battle. Also the price for starting a battle
would increase to 30 Gold. One player could win 3 BH medals or even 6 BH medals in one battle if he makes biggest damage in all walls.

We think that this change would allow all weapon types to become usable, not just a step towards Helicopter companies.
This would also allow people with little gold to better influence battles, and bring more strategy to the game.

Damage for weapon types would not change. People using Helicopters would still make biggest damage in the game, thus increasing their military ranks faster and gaining TP medals faster. However will they hit in those walls or in other walls critical for winning the battle ?

We wanted to implement this change earlier, but the game was not ready. We believe that now, it is ready. Are you ready for new excitement and changes in the game ?

Submit your vote here:

Have a great day,
eRevollution Team

Side News for Weekly Event:
All players that have been playing the event game have received a bonus of 1 life, 1 shield and 1 bomb



Comments (212)

vote 7 for yes. Where is my gold Smile Good job Admin.
small slovenia cant afford to colect 30g to start a battle (RW)... any worldwide babyboom in plan soon?
Copy codes to eRep and Military Module to CyberRepublik? Copy game? Soo bad
We think that this change would allow all weapon types to become usable, not just a step towards Helicopter companies. Should ve thought about this before you f*cked up the game with q1-heli companies for 10gold.
great news. o7
Voted yes. You could call the walls infantry, armored and air forces. You can even implement some skills for each kind of weapons.
good change
Sooo everyone will just ignore wall 2 then. The one with tanks. 100%
Vote. Yes.
25 yes
Huge YES ! Congrats for that idea. Also like @katarzal s idea, infantry, armored and air force.
3walls is great but i don t think that fighting with heli just in one wall be good idea, also if gold buyers can use rpg in wall 1(as you said) they will be bad difference and they won BH easily. and change the battle result so on
nobody have tanks Smile
Why you crate voting in strawpool where all VPN users can fake vote ? I you want legit vote create inner game pool 1 account = 1 vote. Only 15+ or 20+ lvl s can vote.
voted, yes i guess it will be good for the game
Not all countries are ready. As we see now there are dead countries deleted by biger once making this change will make their chances for freedom 0 dont do it its too early to make it.
Good for economy myb but for battle i dont know...
bad idea
The only thing I don t agree at all is the 30g cost for beginning a battle. That is a huge cost for small countries.
Great work admins.o7
I think this is more gold to a few that take him all, and ruin for small countries.
small country only have wall 1, so it will be auto lose?
Good for economy myb but for battle i dont know... +1 ! about RPGs it is not good at all, who have RPGs he can win war alone , 3wall is good, it help usable wep and tanks but I dont think it is good for war results!
Make it that battles last for 2h, and make maybe 8 wins needed for win a war for region. Those walls are maybe smth that have been implemented in or whatever, but I am strongly against it. Problem is that you will destroy game further, cause it will be even more pay to win (although you would adore that), cause with rpg investors will make even more difference. We need good strategy game. So, we all shoots with no weapon, then with guns, then tanks and finally with helis - slowly as we advance and upgrade our factories. Many MU s can organize a players and build infrastructure etc. This new change will make this game more pay to win, and if you really want to enable more players to win bh - then make that battles last for 2h per round and more round (8 for example) to win. This 3 walls is s**t. Thank you.
bad idea. first of all, visa players can do whatever they want because they can use RPG, so weak player will have no power aginst visa player with RPG. Weak pleyer will increase military rank slower then other players. Second thing, this change in game will result changer in players production... everyone will start buyinding new factories = more gold for Admin.
30G is too much for poor country i agree Smile Let s continue with the same price to launch a battle, and the walls Smile
mrcow you are wrong. small countries can t do more than 5-20kk without weapons..meanwhile big ones can do 200-300kk Smile. Big ones would overkill in wall 3 and ignore wall 1. i mean , who will fight without weapons when they got heli? they can make strategies like make tank companies for winning wall 2 also.
It would be better if we must decide which training skill we want to train. Gun - Tank - Heli And change the name of weapons. And if you are GUN skilled, you make bigger dmg than someone with low gun skill.
it makes complexity.
This will further increase the gap between VISA and non-VISA players. the other game does it better - division classification, depending on the strength - this makes the game more fair, as it allows weaker players a better fighting opportunity among their equals. Make divisions (if you really must change the war module), and separate players into classes depending on their strength, not types of weapons used.
30G is too much just to attack a region...That s not because their is more BH to win that those Gold will come on National Treasury...
Sry but i dont support this simply i dont like it...
we can have 3 wall but not on weps,tank or helies!it ruin heli makers! every body buy wep and tank and win in wep and tank walls!
böyle yap tamam bizde diyelim ki zamana ihtiyacı var devam böyle güzellikler yapmaya + big VOTED!!! Smile
if that could be unarmed or with pistols only can fight in wall 1, selecting Tanks can choose to fight in wall 1 or wall 2, Helis can fight in any wall 1 2 or 3 that will be better.
Visa players will win every single wall using RPG. This is death to countries that have no VIsa players... I vote NO!
*that have been implemented cyber*epublik And have 1 thing in your mind...most of players here are came from er**publik, and we want something simillar but better, wit no same mistakes made, we dont want some cyber**publik s**t or smth Smile
bad bad bad bad bad very bad booooo
Votado gran trabajo admis sigan asi magnifico juego.
wall 1 BH - 5g / wall 2 BH - 5g / wall 3 BH 5g / are you joking? Laugh
Just sabotage the wars and then he will make the prices lower. Don t open wars and he will be forced to do that
Yesssss Laugh
awesome!Great work admins.o7
Good idea. Just 2 notes. Add military specialty with daily training and the cost of battle is way to high. Military specialty: each one of us will choose among 4 categories. Infantry, armoured division, airforce, combo. With training, every day will be added 1.5 points of skill to our chosen skill. Combo will recieve 0.5 to each skill. Infantry will be able to participate only at infantry battles, armoured to tank battles and airforce to heli. Combo will be able to participate everywhere. This way countries will have to manage their people, distribute skills and get organized. A way for all of us to work together or be wiped. Of course there will be the ability to change skill, loosing 1/3 of the existing skill points earned. Skill points have to be implemented to damage calculation form. I know it takes more work to be done but if you schedule it you will work it out
Q5 Training ground?
Problem is: It is not good time for this huge changes. You did mistake when design wep,tank,heli. force ppl to pay golds for making heli(they dissolve their q5 wep also)
What about the players who will hit without weps?
in basic good change... you just have to think about the RPG thing... Wink make RPG damage x3 in wall 1, x4 in wall 2 and x5 in wall 3 and everything whould be ok i think... maybe you should raise the cost of starting a battle at the beginning just for 5g (to 20g) and later for another 5g (to 25g) and watch how the result is... because not everyone who is winning the BH gold is spending its gold in companys... Wink the most BH hunters are more spending gold in RPGs/energydrinks... so even big countrys could run out of money over time...
Kbaz +1
A Wrong Sort of Change:
Wall 1 25% Q1 w 1.2,t 1.6,h 2.0 Wall 2 35% Q2 w 1.5,t 2.0,h 2.4 Q3 w 1.8,t 2.3,h 2.8 Wall 3 40% Q4 w 2.2,t 2.7,h 3.2 Q5 w 3.0,t 3.5,h 4.0 RPG Wall 1 2.5 RPG Wall 2 3.3 RPG Wall 3 4.5
if i want this kind of battle i will play E R E P instead
I agree with the fact that you should change the battle system but i think that it is not the best way to do it, it just give more strengh to numerous country.
30 golds to start a battle? Cmon guys, u just raise and took gold, and no place to give it... So now if someone want to win battle, he needs 30 golds to start it, army with heli and tank to win it? Keep it simple, dont screw it.
You can change the rewards.For example player which won BH in heli side gets 5 gold, tank side 3 gold, weapon side 2 gold etc..
No, I don t think this would be efficient doing it like this.
Helicopters and RPGs only wall 3!!!
aye aye sir !
I don t support, 30G is too much, and with 3 walls small country can t win...
No. The reasons are multiple. Big strength guys can still dominate the BHs even using pistols. They will earn BH with very little cost and sacrifice some rank points is not bad. Imagine Kylo or Lord Tamaki hitting a battle of Wall 1 with pistols. The multiplayer might be the same for everyone but the formula includes other things too. PLEASE RECONSINDER
So... KyloRen who hits 200k per hit with bazooka, comes and hits 10 times (which is a little) with it defeats a weaker country there Laugh
No, I don t think this would be efficient doing it like this.
it changes for only visa players
No changes.
Nice, good changes for me !!
30g nwb
3 walls is good but the criteria would be different(strenght , rank)
VISA PLAYERS effect will decrease, as visa playesr will have 3 fronts instead of one! DONT BE BLIND. finally a good change and players will ruin it.. xD
no,bad idea,better is previous deleting update with dmg weapons pistols 1.2-2* tenks 1.6,1.8,2,2.5,3* heli 2.6,2.8,3,3.5,4* 3 wall NO,better young bh with rank and strainght or
No If you want to make battle with 3walls that should be based on rank and strength of all the player or diferent for every contry
I definitely disagree.
HELL NO I don t care even get BAN but this is one of those stupid and foolish changes in the game! how you do this? if its YES I want my money BACK
Nice thing o7
Cool story bro! Approved!
I support the idea but it has two small problems, 30 golds is too much to start a battle and I would let the RPG´s fight in wall 3 with the helicopters.
yes. It s more BH and more gold. Visa players say NO because they are jews I think... Sad
3 wall for 3 type of weapons, i think it s not a bad ide 30g for battles just NO ! so : NO !
a step into chasm is also step forward i salute the initiative and idea, but in this early phase of the game it feels like an experiment with high risk of fail. it is great that you ask ppl before implementing. i think the existing wall is great, but there s got to be bigger avatars, ppl want to see larger images, believe me. imo, the best war module was other game v1 wall with visual scheme of suburb area, center etc... the best thrill is when you leave the wall at night at one lvl and in the morning find changed situation because your allies or enemies from other time zone did they effort while you were absent. this should be multiplayer gm, not one man army, we already have that.
voted .. NO!
Yeah making more pay to win things is really good for the game ceep up the good work Wink
Voted yes
I think its a good idea if you guys have to work a bit hard than this .. This is my idea , What about not just make 3 walls depends on weapon we use , but the training ground as well .. So there are 3 types of training grounds depend on what you want to be .. And please , each players must have economy skill and it divides into 3 as well Well you know what i am trying to say , lets bring back the fun of a game not just in the battle module but economy as well That s all from me Thank you Smile
Hey admins,tge battles are not launched for BH medals!!!!Are you mad?????30g for one battle??????You will kill this weak and full with multies game! NO.
I support the idea, but I don t believe it is right time for it. Maybe in the start of May, but right now I see it as easy way for high players to overwin BH medals, because new player making hits with pistols will do 5k and player with rank can just arm differently and make 50k. Also if such idea apply, I believe it must be neccesarilly to use RPG only in wall for helis, otherwise the upward case will be know for wall 1, probably wall two also. Because of this I voted against. Of course I must mention that my opinion is entirely personal.
if RPG can be used in Wall 1 (weapons) 1 player with RPG s will do more damage than all players together without weapons, thats not fair...
YES ...but increasing start of battle (RW) is bad
Voted Yes
it would be great. old players grab all of the medals and bh titles. younger players cant get any good position in the game. no influence in taste of game. result is leaving the overcome this problem, such a revolution would be so good.
price to start a battle should depend on the number of citizens of the country. Big country-expensive RW smal country-cheap RW
no !
This is a great suggestion but I think that should be implemented in aproximately 2 months along with the divisions. Implementing this change without divisions is gonna bring more gold to the strongest ones which is gonna ruin the balance even more. Implementing this change along with divisions is gonna make this game a lot better. Cheers!
You already destroyed the game. You did not do anything about heli companies created using a bug. This will make stronger players even more stronger. Player with 100 strenght still has no chance against someone with 1000 no matter what weapons they use. NO!
no too bad
Good idea with the 3 walls, but I a war shouldn t cost 30g as it could be a big burden to smaller countries
I don t agree. For starters 30 Gold is too much, most countries are still struggling to have a stable treasury (because they were shamefully robbed or even because they don t have many players and keeping MPP can be costly), not to talk about wiped countries. Iincreasing the chance to get BH is good for the citizens but doesn t do a thing to the countrys treasury. Another thing is it s too early in the game for most countries to have tank or hellis, this would mean that they would only be able to fight in Wall 1 losing the battle all together. Something like this could work further ahead when the countries and citizens had enough time to develop their companies. As I was writing this an idea came to mind. What if 10% of the Gold from the medals a player can win in a battle (TP, BH, etc) went to that players country? The player wouldn t lose any Gold, for example, he would receive 5 Gold for BH and his country would get 0.5 Gold. This could help the countries to get some money back from the high cost of opening battles.
Vote no !
ja predlažem da koju popušimo
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no no no Laugh
Three walls will be a step in good direction.
I like the idea, a little bit on the complex side, though
No, its too much sir, Gold is most valueable things in this game.. more important is about proccess to increased strength.. give us more option, not just working ground and some mission. Thanks
Definitely a good idea to finally give meaning to weapons and tanks, but giving RPG s to all walls is to much....
voted NO
Voted NO, because raising the cost to start a war is too much of a burden for small countries the wall thing can be circumvented easily by VISA players. So no strategy, just money.
30g for a battle is too expensive, small countries cant afford it!
hail cyberrepublk
Good idea
Better give us Natonal Organizations.
Way better idea is to give all countries 3 q1 wep factory, 3 q1 tank factory and 3 q1 heli factory for free so everybody who didnt exploted the bug can at least try to be equal with others, and if you do that you can implement this change
Bad idea
30 gold to start battle is much if 10 is already way too small countries.
its stupid will kill small countries Sad
We need battle arena to be more expensive :d
Admin we all ask you add ORG accounts and true ally medal but you didn t do, why insist on wep and tank factory? we played the game more than 2 months without wep,tank. wep or tank is not our problem
Are creazy? Them always the big boys with visa go to win all the BHS. Hitting in boths side, and have more benefics them the free user....
while this changes could bring something more on table, and for guys like me who cant afford helies, it could be alight, and it would make again useful all weap companies, maybe idea should be work on before implemented. Read comments from communities first. Like for example starting battle 30g is a lot for some countries, so maybe deleted countries dont have to pay to liberate first territory . And why not to award other players in top 8?? doesnt have to be gold, lets say in food, house, weapons etc, ideas are endless, and that would make more people to join fights and thus compeet to get in to top 8. (to be clear, if first place is BH , second could be q3 house, thats values under 2 gold on markets, third place maybe 50 Q5 tanks, and so on), while this would generate some income, it would be balanced out as more would have to be spent to get them, as competition would be stronger.
good idea
Yes and a town centre also
Aaaaa cuo si Admine da uskoro krece druga igra,koja ima 3 zida za borbu,pa ti Phantom predlozio da i ti ubacis isto?!Laugh Lepooo...lepooooo
Uuuu daaaaa....sada sam se setio!!!!! PAAAA VELIKA STVAR SE NIJE PREDVIDELA SA OVIM ZIDOVIMA!!!
Make 100 gold for start a battle lol
30 golds to start war????, army with heli and tank to win it? That is good buy to small countries and countries without VISA players. Keep it simple, don t screw it. These are updates to benefit VISA players... good buy f2play.
I don t really understand why people say it gives more advantages to visa players with the 3 walls. All I know now is VISA player already dominate all the battles, maybe the 3 walls cannot solve this problem but how does the 3 wall makes this situation worse? First I believe by logic its so much harder to focus on 6 walls then let s say 2 walls, you need time to press on buttons and time is fair unless you are some 5th dimension beings. Second the VISA player have to split their investment to dominate all walls, let s say they used to use 100 gold focusing on a battlefield, now they will have to split into 3 so 33.3 gold on each wall. Do your math, which way you think you can archive a higher chance of winning them and beating them? With the visa players numbers remain constant and maybe even lower as the admins is doing a horrible job as always, and increasing the numbers of battlefield by adding walls, non-visa players actually have more says on battlefield. The only problem is the RPG, why would you think putting the RPG in wall1 and 2 is a good idea? Oh because that way they can force wall1 a RPG war-zone instead of hand and pistols zone. 1 hit with the RPG from visa player is way harder than what i can do with pistols and all day energy. So admin could force VISA player to buy more RPG, nice thinking.
You answer your own question Kevin
what i was saying was Admin will try to ask visa player pay a little more focusing on one battlefield, but still we non-visa player have more odds to affect the war in different way and earn some medals
Vote NO, 30 Gold to start battle is too much.
Mi voto es No
Honestly NO, because the wall 1 will be easily won from players buying RPG s(VISA players) and they can win this wall with 10 hits. If you want to make weapons usable, make changes in wep production. Example: Q1 Weapons: Daliy Production 100 Q1 Tanks: Daily Production 50 Q1 Hellis: Daily Production 10 With this production q1 weapons will be chepaer and i will have in mind to buy and will fight with weapons instead of nothing.
NO! Im not for change the game 30 Golds is much, for attack by region.
yes...but limit power of rpgs
Wow. Poll is split down the Middle.
You need to change RPGs then from x5 multiplier to (wall max multiplier +1) to have it still fair. So, RPGs in Weapon wall as x3, RPGs in Tank wall as x4, RPGs in Heli wall as x5.
3 walls YES...other ideas not so good
ca y est vous prenez déja le chemin d niveau merdique ? Laugh
Not very satisfied. It would mean, that people with lot RPG will win.
Give us discount on Training Center upgrade!!!
atleast give 10gold to the players that dont have heli camps
a great secret plan of admin... counting active players 790
Disagree because it s bad idea. #1. 30 gold to start war is way too much for some Countries. #2. Now you will need army with Helis Tanks to win (unfair to small countries) #3. people with Credit-card s by RPG s to shoot at 3 walls and win the battle. NOT FAIR!
voted yes
Good change. But just if you make things like this: RPG only fight with helis Cost of war 1gold for every 200 players country have. example: if county have 470ppl it is 3 gold for starting war, if it have 1470ppl than it is 8 gold for starting war.
Only 846 players voted. That is less than 5% of all game players (18.704). Either a LOT of people don t care about mega changes to game mechanics or there are 1000`s of multis.
To make this game more interesting Why not you make the gold that we have can we withdraw as real money So you sell the gold to visa player, and we withdraw our gold so this game more interesting and a lot of people will join
There can be changes in way of, for example, 8 rounds (battles) won neccessery for win a war - and on that way there will be more strategy implemented cause in this way its not important WHEN you hit cause battles are 24h long. But this walls are s**t, fi cyber*epublik was thet good that game would still last - no eRevollution would be needed for Christ sake!!!!! So dont make again the game that have failed already XD XD XD We want eRevollution. We want ere*ublik- just better then it is now, something that ere*ublik should become. Cyber failed once, and it will fail again Wink Your choice admins Laugh Give us more rounds and thats more bh and more interesting game, and more strategy, f**k cyber*epublik features Cheeky
Noooo just nooo!
This is quite good and new, but DON T allow rpg s player hit evrywhere... that s insane
Nooooooooooooooo, 30 Gold to start battle is too much.
nop, no way!!
serbia 1900 ukraina 2000 only this 2 nation have 3900 and total of all vote are 900 lol
make 6 walls - unarmed - pistols - tanks - helis - RPG - VISA players wall (VISA players can hit only here, any type of weapons) and lower battle cost to 10g
FIRST: need a wiki / tutorial including functionality of all components of game, including (hit / cost / life) formulas. Beginers massive leavs this game because absent rules ! SECOND: must change colors, because many elements are near invisible ! (ex: work in my factories, explaining texts of elements etc. You can make changes in game after solving first 2. Else many beginners wil lieve the game nearly after 20. level !
Just bind walls to level and strength/xp and/or make 8 rounds for on battle each 3 hours time otherwise this idea is not working
voted YES !
1. price of 30 golda is too much 2. If u gonna allow RPG users to shoot in all 3 walls then reduce theri dmg ( wall 1 - 3x, wall 2 - 4x wall 3 as it was - 5x) 3. Military Speciality is good idea, ktab +1
Great idea! This way not only all weapon types become useful again, making space for an enlargement of economy but it yields tremendous space for new tactics as well. Concentrating firepower may suddenly turn the tide of a whole battle. And that can happen in a matter of moments if any of those walls are neglected.
This vote will last many days? o.O
Voted NO. Because I m not ready to pay thousands of gold for weapon factories to produce tanks and helis.
This is badly implemented, because I have a dynamic IP and everytime I restart my PC I get a new IP. I can vote every day lol... You should have made it integrated into-game, so only with game accounts we can vote!