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Yesterday i tried to open a RW, it wasnt possible. 

I wrote a mail to the admin:

And i dont received any reply so far


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http://prntscr.com/aliixo and there you can see when last battle started, what wars any country have etc etc. its not hard to find infos you dont need to ask admin each time... you wrote to admin 17h ago, and there is battle started 18h ago, also you must know that country can start RW and after its finished you have 24h cooldown (no mether win or lose) so basiclly country can start RW once in 48h. hope some things are more clear to you now
Game admin uses free mail like Gmail with broken English and you expect bug fixes? This game is such a joke .
@phantom i looked to the page and the last RW in the country A opened from country B was 5 days ago and i still cant opened a RW for country B in country A
bişey anlamadımda ferdi yazmışsa vardır bir bildiği Big VOTED!!!!
problem solved, thx phantom