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Published in Denmark - Political debates and analysis - 28 Mar 2016 16:56 - 3

Dear fellow countrymen,

Today I am adressing you to inform you about an agreement between our nation and our Portuguese brothers. They have been our good friends and proved themselves a worthy ally, together with France (whom we congratulate for their NAP with Serbia).

Following this path of friendship between our countries, I have proposed an MPP with Portugal. Both CPs (Fibonacci and I) have agreed that each country should pay half of the MPP, which is why he sent me 5g, which I have already donated to the country's treasury.

That is why I ask every congressman to vote YES. Say YES to a closer bond with our friends, and YES to a better future for Denmark.

I thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

Ragnar, King of the Danes.


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To those subscribers that were hoping for another video or a cartoon, I hope you understand that I'm also a CP and sometimes I need to be serious Cheeky
We want GOVEDO!