Unbalanced game

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In the some previous article you were able too see pictures of future Serbia. Well at some piont players were commenting like journey was ended. Well, in intelectual circles Govedo is known as messiah and prophet of new era. So once again Govedo was right. But the more interestig thing happens, France first blood in Corsika and unbalanced game. Interestiнg phenomenom is Unbalaced game, what it means? what is correlation between Govedo and unbalanced game? First we will try to explain this law. 

Explanation of Unbalanced game:

Top scientist had reveal process of Unbalanced game and is correlation with Govedo. Well it is simble, if Unbalanced game rising Govedo become more and more stronger. There was interesting conversation between scientist and regular people:

France player: How it is possible?
Scientist: If you calculate formulas of your crying with correlation of producing tears and internal fears of every citizen you will rise Govedo index in Unbalanced game diagram
France player: How can I stop criying?
Scientist: You cant

So if we analize Unbalanced game diagram we can see that science dont lie

Hope you got explanation of Unbalanced game.

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it is very important to have scientific background on every phenomenom that you investigating
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