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Este pacto incluye 3 Clausulas Principales:

1) Todos los países atacantes dejarían sus guerras tan pronto como las batallas actuales terminan;

2) Ninguna nuevas guerras se iniciarán por ningún país;

3) Sólo se iniciaran Resistencia Wars (RW) para liberar regiones ORIGINALES DE CADA PAIS y (TW) se llevarían a cabo solo Guerras de Entrenamiento;


I come to all of you, common player, government or congress member, military commander, asking to read this
article without any kind of evil feeling or thoughts in your mind. For
you that know me, you know I m a peaceful guy who thinks the community
is the best part of these type of games (so let s not ruin it). With all
the recent events, and with the dissolution of E.A.G.L.E. I ask you to
consider this (those who can think in an adult manner), are we not
ruinning a game in a early stage for new players? Are we doing enough in
educating new players on how the game works? I think instead of that we
are creating a world of chaos for them and making it really hard for
the ones already in it. So to all country leaders I propose this: Put
all the issues that you have with each other aside. Let s have a period
in which we can make baby boom campaigns, reorganize better our country
productions, give the opportunity to players to talk, meet each other,
maybe come with some nice projects. I propose that a cease fire with the
duration of at least one week is put in motion, during which:

1) All attacking countries would stop their wars as soon as the current battles end;

2) No new wars would be started by any country;

3) Only Resistance Wars (RW) and Training Wars (TW) would take place;

4) Wiped countries would have the RW of their first reconquered region
easen by the current holder, so they can get back on their feet as soon
as possible.

I hope you all understand what I m saying here. I speak with honestly and it s my humble opinion that is up to us
to make this game a better place to be around. So please help sharing
this article so it can reach everyone easier and vote it up.

I think this is the best way to do things and the most practical, so I ask all countries CP to send me a PM with
your position regarding this cease fire. As I get your answers I will
keep updating the article so everyone can see the countries that are
interested in doing something for the game while we have the time. I
think that as soon as countries starts to cease fire more and more will
join this action.

In another subject: Remember the Global Humanitary Project (, as I promised, I still have it ( and I don t know if I have currency from any wiped countries, but I
don t have a problem to donate what I have to countries that need it.

Countries that go along with the Cease Fire:

1) Portugal
3) Poland
4) Australia
5) Egypt
6) Malaysia
7) Turkey
8) Sweden
9) Armenia
10) Slovenia
11) United States of America
12) France
13) Ireland
14) Bolivia
15) Brazil
16) Romania
17) Austria
18) Slovakia
19) Singapore
20) Lithuania
21) United Kingdom


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