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The Return of the Gold Event:
eRevollution's Economic Upheaval

In the digital battlegrounds of eRevollution, where nations clash and economies thrive, the decisions of
administrators hold sway over millions (50-60 the most)of players worldwide. However, what
transpires when these decisions lead to the sudden devaluation of all companies
within the game? Such a seismic shift recently rocked the foundations of
eRevollution, sparking uproar, discord, and a fervent quest for resolution
within the gaming community.

a sprawling online strategy game, immerses players in a world of political intrigue,
economic strategy, and global warfare. Each player umes the role of a
citizen within their chosen country, navigating the complexities of diplomacy,
resource management, and military strategy. Central to the game's allure is its
dynamic economy, where the value of companies fluctuates in response to market
forces, player actions, and geopolitical developments.

Enter the game's administrators, entrusted with overseeing eRevollution's virtual realm and
ensuring a fair and engaging gaming experience for all. However, in a move that
sent shockwaves through the player base, the administrators announced a
sweeping change: the devaluation of all companies within the game. Overnight,
years of strategic planning, painstaking investments, and hard-earned virtual
wealth were rendered null as the value of companies plummeted.

The repercussions reverberated throughout eRevollution, shaking the very foundations of its
virtual economies. Players, accustomed to navigating the intricacies of a vibrant
economic ecosystem, found themselves thrust into a maelstrom of uncertainty and
frustration. Alliances forged through mutual interest and economic cooperation
now faced uncertain futures, while once-thriving industries teetered on the
brink of collapse. In the wake of the devaluation, accusations of
mismanagement, incompetence, and favoritism proliferated, eroding trust in the
game's administration.

Faced with mounting discontent and the specter of a m exodus of players, the administrators were
compelled to act. 
In response to the outcry,the administrators pledged to implement measures aimed at mitigating the
effects of the devaluation and restoring stability to eRevollution's economy.
Transparency initiatives, economic stimulus packages, and compensation schemes
were proposed and debated, with players eagerly awaiting tangible signs of

As the dust settled andtensions began to ease, The Return of THE GOLD Event emerged as a glimmer of
hope—a symbol of renewal, resilience, and the enduring spirit of eRevollution's
player community. Though scars remained from the tumultuous events that had
transpired, there existed a shared determination to rebuild, adapt, and forge a
brighter future for eRevollution.

Every player who will Login every day for 666 days in a row, will receive ALL THE GOLD they lost !!!! 

In addition to that, every player who will wrote in the game Chat : ADMIN is The Greatest!!! will receive an Honorary Badge 


(The Chaplin Mustache)


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Comments (15)

i logged in for 665 days, slept all 666th..do i get my gold too?
@He did it - NICHT!
Fail Admin !!!
Daca ei se distreaza pe banii nostrii, macar sa ne distram pe seama lor, nu? Smile
i got ban, i couldnt join for 666 days Smile
to me, game management have to contact with players when have a radical update in game... GM looks from management side, cannot see player side..
All I know is that I stopped spending money in the store when they stopped caring. If they want to start caring about the players maybe I will start spending again.
Fail, Fail, fail!
Fail Admin!
I stopped spending the Very FIRST time admin "screwed" us over. I can't even remember what it was but it Really hurt my feelings. He has done stunts like this SEVERAL times , but in all honesty its kindof not his fault. It's these players that spend litterally TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars on a GAME. I mean sure, the admin see's this and adjusts the game to monopolize on it.
@islandwoodsie Thats called the mommy daddy card. Smile
I say step...
''Login every day for 666 days in a row'' LOL. I do have a life.