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This is not article about Queen’s famous song, it is about ruined event.

For those who haven’t payed attention to details in article or event info, Admin lowered chance for dices significantly.
In previous events, dice drop chance was 10% for Lucky dice, and 8% for Lucky dice 2 (New Year version with some better rewards), and now it is 2%.
I’ll do quick mathematical breakdown of consequences from such change.

If goal is to reach pet reward you’re gonna need 8x30 = 240 dices – 8 dices (one free dice on each board) = 232 dices total.
Of those 232, two are free on day change, so 24x2 = 48 total.
So final goal is 184 dices across 24 days of fighting.
With 2% chance you need average of 50 fights(clicks on fight button with 1000 energy) for one dice.
And for 184 dices, average will be 9200 clicks or 383 clicks per day . Transferred in energy – You’ll need to spend average of 383000 energy each day for 24 days.
Just to put in perspective - for all rewards in weekly battle hits progress, 1500 clicks with 1000 energy is needed, so this dice event requires double amount of fights.

And all of this for one level of lousy Koala pet.

On top of all that, rewards from board itself are also awful. I mean -  100experience ... 200 Q5 food… 3 workers  …300 temp RPG ….10 energy bars.

I’m fully expecting in next version of Lucky dice we will see some glorious number like 42 Q5 food as reward (whoever read famous SF novel from Douglas Adams will know why this number is glorious 21 )
Final advice … just skip this atrocious event, and don’t bother with chasing dices.


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10 hypers 5 diceSmile luck? Laugh
vote sub Smile
long live smart admin
Thanks Cooi. I was planning to write about it over weekend, but as you have already done great job i can relax this one. I love numbers, they dont lie. This is just getting more and more pathetic
in next update we must give admin golds or euro to get dices... no more free
Itso, it could be worse... We could be deducted gold just to get an update... Next one will be pay 100g to see admin news, otherwise it will be encrypted
well admin take a huge work to produce all items that are giving for free as rewards Wink he behave like its not virtual things that he is giving, he doesent get one thing , we know that all servers are from one guy, one company or how ever you want to call it, and our patiante is on end, we can easy stop playing on all servers. You chose wrong time to make changes or steer us to some of your other servers, summer time is comming, time when most of players do just 2 click.
Aside from the fact that the economic system is a disaster, since Tsigger died, Romania and Germany should not be allies, because they invade the world with regions that have repeated bonuses that are of no use to them. By not having suitable opponents they kill the game.