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Published in Romania - First steps in eRevollution - 10 May 2024 02:24 - 8

In my previous Article, in comments i said following :

So without making this too long, here is list of all players that i have commented and i have already sent food
So all together 115 000 q3 food is sent to 23 players that have commented.

I have also said i will give 10k q4 tanks to top 3 comments on subject at my choice, so here is 3 that i have picked
Spot on mate, just Nerf of damage with weapons is only important for income from Medals, they are nerfed about 20-35% so income BH that was 5g is now under 4g for same number of hits.. And they tell us there is too much gold in game from medals, and thats reason behind removing it and now even more nerfing what little we had.. but thats BS, i dont believe that today even 20% of gold in game comes from all medals combined.
Its hard for any player to disagree with that one..
If its quack like duck, walk like duck, sure as its not a frog :)
This wasnt first time , it happened before with tanks and Hellies when people invested heavily in them and admin just added air making anything before built nearly useless.. on this kind of updates i have lost over 100k gold, and some of you much much more...


Devaluation of my weapon companies is about 40 000, if we would take  cost of gold in store, best value option, that would be about 23 packs of 84 euros gold, that would mean i would need to spend 1932 euros to be where i was before admin decided to devalue our companies,

If i would take base price of packs that ware selling here before update (as nobody is selling now), that would be about 23 packs so about 400 euros "street" value.

Im bit curious whats your loss on this if you dont mind shearing?


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prvi, davaj avijoni Laugh
unfortunatly i missed it may be next one still waiting to explain to myself what admin did with us o7
The administrator will do everything possible to make us spend the gold we have. Smile
@Cika zoka, nema avijoni, uzo Grinc Cheeky
*Im bit curious whats your loss on this if you dont mind shearing?* The loss is big, ever since admin devalued our equipment and introduced Q10, now its simply business as usual in Erevollution. Kudos to you for finding the time and will to make any analysis about this at this stage of the game.
You are better than admin S:
Keep it going!