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On global chat there is a interesting conversation. People start talking that France will offer NAP to Serbia. Regarding France first blood in Corsica and unbalanced game France government decide that the best option is to sign NAP. Why NAP? It is because France will try to save their core regions and resources (exsept Alsace) in order to keep they awsome and super gaming community.

We find out some of the clauses of NAP treaty:

Clause 1: The NAP will be sign by France President, Serbian President and Govedo (independed analysist and overall person of trust)

Clause 2: France will give back all occupied regions of Spain. France and Spain will split costs of RWs. Govedo will start libertation of Madrid because he is fan of Athletico Madrid.

Clause 3: France will give up Portugal to Spain. All Portugal players can join France dynamic and superfun gaming community.

Clause 4: France will give her region of Alsace to Serbia. 

Clause 5: Serbia will crown Govedo as The president of the Regional Council of Alsace

Clause 6: Serbia, France, Spain and Govedo will sigh contract and sign peace.

Clause 7: France will give 300 golds to Govedo who will be treasuer just in case they want to dissrespect NAP. When NAP is off Govedo will return 150 golds to France, and he will give 150 golds to France people. 

Clause 8: NAP will be active for 60 days. If France want to prolong NAP they need to send 150 golds to Govedo.

We manage to discover the current NAP proposal by France. Hope we will find out more in next few hours.

Сервери у Болечу се буџе и могу само напредовати.


The president of the Regional Council of Alsace


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prvi o/ o7
e jesi car Laugh
hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha... CARE!!!! hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha
Podrzavam :-)
Govedo for ADMIN
hahahahaha Govedo president of the eWorld
for a moment i thought u are actualy serious lol
#reVokasi Karton vinjaka i karton fante šokantne. To me čini moćnim u klubovima noćnim!!!
This might sound funny, but this is oficial statement of Serbian government Wink
Фанта шокантна!!! БРАВО ТИ ГА
Here are meaningful words. You didn't mention Laetitia Casta, but you will certainly have her too, as a present for being so wise and well-advised. Smile
"Social interactions and entertainment" => ok ^^
Signed just for atletico madrid :d lol
o/ give peace a chance
Сервери у Болечу се буџе и могу само напредовати. iz tvojih usta.... Govedo Kiss***********
Is that picture of you GOVEDO?? ahahaha just kidding xD
attraktiver als du denkst... ... so damn right... Laugh
Govedo Eternal Dictator of France 07
White flague - as always Smile.
Serbia, France, Spain and Govedo adjasdasd LaughD one sec i thought when i read the topic wtf goin on Laugh
France by signing this NAP behaved as such brave as Serbia giving back Kosovo to Albania.
i hope it's joke
Govedo - King of France.
there is something that is REALLY funny: --> Governor of Serbia ---> desert hamster
french surrender LoL: Athlético Madrid^^
And Oaxaca?
Serveri u bolecu?