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Greetings eAustralia,

Welcome to another CP Update. (I am hoping the images etc I have uploaded will work for all of you, but if you have issues, please let me know). Today I will be talking about the recent region release by Indo, upcoming plans and also activity levels. But let me get straight down to business.


Region Release

eIndo recently handed back Northern Territory to Australia. I would fist of all like to say thank you to them for this region release. This hand back will help provide extra funds to eAustralia for upcoming MPPs and future plans.

I would also like to say thank you to those who fought for eAustralia:
While it was a planned region release, Australia as a small community still had to dig deep and fight hard. So for those who did fight, thank you and I hope you earnt some True Patriot medals for your hard work.

Now some might be asking where did the 15 gold come from to launch this. Well, this was donated by myself. I made the money back by TP medals, RH medal so it did not bother me too much. However in the coming days when we look at getting other regions back, we will need to see about having funds available for this.

And talking of which.... later in the weekend, I will be sitting down with the CP of eIndo to discuss our other regions. How ever please note, until we have the growth and community to ensure our regions remain in our hands, we need to take all of this back slowly. I personally do not think we should rush into reclaiming our lands, only for another country to come and wipe us. eIndo has shown they are happy to help us and willing to discuss it all, so we should be prepared to wait until we can stand on our own two feet before going to far.


Upcoming Plans

As stated above, I want eAustralia to look at internal growth as well as ways to keep our regions safe. This includes trying to bring activity levels back up, looking at our MPPs and also the possibility of being aligned to one of the alliances. However we have to keep in mind the real risks we face if we grow to big to quickly. There is a chance that we will lose touch with eAustralia core values, that we are open to PTO, that we run the risk of our countries funds being stolen or being forced into a war which we can not win.

So now is the time to look ahead to starting a future for eAustralia, putting us on the path of greatness. Please if any of our active members have any idea s, speak up as all input will be worth listening too.


Upcoming Plans

Thank you again eIndo for releasing the region, thank you eAustralia for fighting hard. And as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.

Rusty D
Loyal eAustralian


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Hail Indo 07
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Hail Australia !! Smile
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I believes his that you liberated the region !! Good job!
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Hail Australia ! o7