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Halo friend , enemies and admin (i know you will read this) :)

When i came back in to game few months ago, i said i will make small series of articles about game and what needs to be improved, as admin always said to make game bit more exciting and playable.
Currently imo instead of introduction of new things in game, there is lots of stuff that exist but it just doesnt fit in to current meta of game, and it should be addressed long time ago, so my focus will be on that.

Before i have left game about 4y ago, we didnt have pets, and now we do, and they have had huge impact on game, imo mostly positive but bit imbalanced value of pet it self as some pets are much better than others, but we are not gona talk about pets now, just impact of one of them.

here comes Kitty

Now Cat has imo positive impact on game, more energy stored , battles are potentially bigger, etc.. but it had negative impact in one area, and that is
I will only talk about military set as it has 10 lvls, but both need to be addressed and updated to make them useful.
Cat has made Pants and Shirt and Boots useless in it current form.

Before leaving game 4y ago,  most important equipment for me as producer, was pants and shirt, even tho i have upgraded all to lvl5 but as energy was very limited Pants and Shirt was A tier equipment and must have who ever could afford it, but currently advice to all would be STAY AWAY unless you love pain, and if you do, just drop brick on your toes and enjoy.

From 5 Equipment items that we have this is what i think about them . A- super, B good, C bad or situational , D avoid at all cost
-Head gear - top lvl gives x80% so must have for any fighter -A tier
- Gloves      -  top lvl gives x80% so must have for any fighter -A tier
- Boots        -  top lvl gives minus 50s energy refill, with introduction of CAT and Ebars is hardly relevant, needs improvement - D tier
- Shirt           - top lvl gives 2000 energy storage , completely useless since introduction of CAT - D tier
- Pants         - top lvl gives 2000 energy storage , completely useless since introduction of CAT - D tier

Here is my equipment, shirt, boots and pants.

As you see, total energy storage is 2000, and recovery -25 seconds, invested gold approximately by today prices of pink stone would be about 7500G.

My first pet i got in January, as i have quickly realized value of pets i have knocked down about 20 000g value of air factories (to get 10k) just to upgrade pets when we had event for upgrade in gold and used it mainly in Cat, with few lvls in Bird and Dog.
Also since than i have focused in any event to try and get CAT first than bird or dog when possible and if it didnt cost arm and leg

So in my case gold invested in cat gives me 8 times more energy storage and even has recovery better than Boots by 17% while similar amount of gold is invested.

Total recovery time bonus from all possible sources while base recovery time is 6min or 360s
-all 7 houses   - 60s
-gold pack       - 60s
-pet cat            - 30s
-boots               - 50s
Total bonus is  minus 200seconds

Now if you just look at top players like Lynx

Lynx have cat lvl 125 with +50 000 energy from cat, while 4 000 from Equipment set, it just shows how out of date is pants shirt  and boots
are . His cat stores  12.5x more energy  than Shirt and Pants combined.

His boots have -50s recovery vs -30 from cat, difference is -20s per cycle . Please note basic Cycle is 6min or 360s, so here is maths

20s x 10 cycles per hour, x 24h in a day = 4800 seconds saved every day / 6min cycle = 13.3 cycles saved x 50 energy = 665 energy recovered per
day for LVL 10 boots..

lads, that not even 1 full hit per day for equipment that cost 5000 gold if upgraded to max lvl!!!!! I didn't even realized till i started doing maths how bad this is!

So to match Lynx's cat and 1 HyperBar, it would take his boots on max lvl 75.1 DAYS..

Now lads please note that this is just difference CAT bonus vs Boots. Full bonus from boots its bit better,
To generate 50k energy that  his cat can has, it would be : 30 days.. still super useless imo.

So as you can see, Shirt, Pants and Boots are useless in today's game.

Admin, if you are serious about improving game, please focus first in
improving existing parts of game and balanced stuff more often than  every couple years.
This above its not opinion but hard fact backed up by maths and fact that most of players who didnt upgrade fully their set always have lower lvl of Shirt, pants and boots than Hat and  gloves.


As i dont believe its ok just to complain or criticize without without giving some suggestion to solve problem ,  here is what could be done bit radical but instead of energy end  recovery, something new.

Shirt ===  +8% per each lvl in any resistance battle for total of 80% (it wouldnt be OP as its situational, and would help to weaker countries , after all we have headgear and gloves that gives 80% in any

Pants  ===  +1.5% per lvl for all pets, up to total of 15% (rounded to nearest whole number)

Boots  ===  + 5% per lvl for storage up to + 50% max


Maybe my idea is not the best, but in current form, anything is better than what we have,

Please share your thoughts , and opinions.
Maybe admin will have look and do something about it . as chanting in
chat that game is bad, dead , boycott etc dont help to improve game
while articles did help on number of occasions and admin does check them  , fact!!

Thanks for your time

 and only for Mando - chat ranter, guess Top Dork :)


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I guess you need something to upgrade at the missions, once you're done with chapeau and gloves Smile Would you, please, clarify the proposed solution? Is that percentage extra damage, seconds or energy?
Thanks for comment. Honestly i dont think its worth upgrading just for sake of mission, so i didnt. IM not sure if i get your question right, "Is that percentage extra damage, seconds or energy? " , if you are asking m I proposing % for Shirt , Pants and Boots, yes it is in %%%. . Headgear and Gloves are also in%%. Fixed number wouldnt work, as that is reason why we have problem now and why its so badly outdated.
If admin see anything, he will speak with you how to improve this game. You are amazing bro and he should listen to you. Svaka čast.
admin will probably add new equipment 😂
Well, TopSecret, you still have useful upgrades for navy and military power, why stop at 5 stars? About the boots, at lvl. 10 they transform the 5 minutes cycle in a 4 minutes cycle (-60seconds) - instead of 12 cycles/hour you get 20 at a price of 10 pink stones. From the kitty you get additional -30seconds at lvl. 5 if i remember correctly (pet lvl. which we used to get from games - almost free - but may approximate as 5 pink stones). It looks pretty fair. Am I missing something?
Well, yes, I'm wrong, you get -30seconds at cat level 50. If we could get kittens for free, it's complicated now, and that makes the boots quite OK...
@Alt Pui Thanks for your input. All my upgrades ware done over 4 years ago to lvl5, and only gear that i will upgrade will be headgear and gloves but its not priority for now as i was and im not fighter. I love numbers and economy is all about that. In any case, i did say that Headgear and Gloves are great and only worth upgrading in current state of game, Its also backed up by fact that you upgraded only that 2 equipment while leaving shirt, pants and boots at lvl 1, exactly what im on about in article. Also boots max lvl give you 50s, they dont remove 1min on top of that 50s, as they would than plainly give bonus of -110s. Maybe you have activated Gold Pack, as i have, that gives you -60s. Also cat will give you -30s at lvl 30 if im correct, not lvl 50 for sure, as you can see my cat is lvl 41 and i have -30s bonus. Let me ask you something, why didnt you upgrade Pants, shirt and boots?
Thx, you are right about cat level 30. Still, if you check (tsigger, titziano or Last Lynx) lvl 10 boots equipment panel, it's -60seconds. I don't know for sure, just read the sign Laugh I totally agree on the greater value of headgear and gloves, everybody told me to start there, it's work in progress. Boots are my next priority and I use the pink stones from the current missions to upgrade the equipment in the next missions... No hurry. I see an issue once I'm done and still have to upgrade stuff. To be honest, never questioned the value of the various equipment parts, your article is very helpful, made me think. And prove that I need to pay more attention at basic math Smile))
We need more animals Admins zoo 5 animals low