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Greetings eWorld citizens,

I had this article planned mostly for after receiving the votes from both Brazil and Lithuania regarding the proposal to dissolve EAGLE, however the former Polish CP Phor Killick (chirp chirp Phor :) ) decided to use his birdbrain and leak part of the Google Document where the vote was being recorded.

Considering those 2 countries haven t voted, 11 countries out of 13 voted already and the final tally was: 7 in favor of the dissolution and 4 against.

If you look well, even if the last 2 voted against the dissolution, the proposal would still pass and EAGLE would still be dissolved either ways.

Having in final consideration that EAGLE is a democracy and the majority decided it was time to move on, I hereby officially declare EAGLE dissolved and I cease immideatly my functions as Supreme Commander of this alliance.


Comments and regards about EAGLE and the game in general

Some of you out there may be wondering why EAGLE has dissolved and what has lead everything to this point. I could tell an entire story from my point of view since I brought USA in but I would end up being exhaustive and this is not exactly the point of my article. The beginning of the downfall of EAGLE started quite a while ago and I ll point out the exact flaws this alliance had:

1. The foundation of EAGLE was mostly built by relying on a group of tanks that could show up and win the battles by dropping incredible amounts of damage. When the tanks could no longer tank effectively, EAGLE started to lose battles due to lack of internal organization.

2. Organization requires preparation. You can t realistically expect to get over 10 countries organized for war while you are at war on nearly 10 fronts in different sides of the globe. It gets chaotic. Most of the times, when you go to war, you already have a certain level of organization that makes things effective, but when that doesn t exist... It makes the task herculian if not impossible. It also doesn t help when you are struggling to help countries that are fighting for their survival and on the verge of getting deleted.

3. Internal conflicts. I won t be too expansive on this one but when a country is unhappy that other countries didn t help or didn t recognize help, things can get a bit tense even between friends. 

4. I guess unreasonable diplomacy in some occasions. Several countries were deleted or on the verge of getting deleted and yet we kept moving with our tanks destroying everything in our passage. Many people believe eRevollution is a war game when in fact it s a political game. War is merely a continuation of politics through other means, but even in this circumstances I don t think a country should be kept wiped from the map indefinitly no matter the reasons that lead both countries to go to war. Deleting a country for a long time gives a lot of issues to that country and disables that country from having player retention in the long run. It is possibly the worst thing that can happen to any country.

There is a 5th and final reason that I see a bit as a consequence of the reasons listed above: game unbalance.

The last one happened because several countries gathered together in order to oppose EAGLE and while EAGLE seemed to be winning for a time, when The Rising Sun showed up, that alliance was far more powerful than EAGLE was and it has a few former-EAGLE members that represented a considerable strength.

I can t speak for all now former EAGLE members and I certainly can t guess what will happen from this historic turn of events but I do expect a very soon alliance shift and it is better that it happens fast in order to make the game more balanced and fair.

I take the opportunity to leave a small very concise message to the world: Be reasonable and respectful, even with your enemies. Remember that if you mock other countries disgrace today, tomorrow it could be your country facing disgrace. Learn from the mistakes and act up to the position you hold because in this game sometimes your enemy of today might very well become your friend tomorrow depending on the way you treat the people around you.


Finally, I d like to send my highest regards and thanks to both my allies, now former EAGLE members who endured everything with USA as well as we endured with them. I would also like to thank the team who served with me as HQ and attempted to make EAGLE a more fair and reasonable alliance.

I hope the eWorld learns from our mistakes and I do hope we can all make the game more balanced and more interesting.

Kind regards,

Former Supreme Commander of EAGLE


Shisui Uchiha

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Jeep the brothers
It only took 2-3 days for TRS to defeat EAGLE xD Seriously now.. This is all part of game such as these, alliances are not eternal. I hope that we can bring some balance to the game soon
make the game more balanced and fair. ok ok ok but what about countries that are with dead economy that are deleted from the very beginning ? what will hapen with them just keep them deleted? or tell tehm to pay 600 gold war reparation so they can have some regions and after a mount or two they will get wiped out again just for more bonuses or cause someone needs to pass trough there ...
"Deleting a country for a long time gives a lot of issues to that country and disables that country from having player retention in the long run. It is possibly the worst thing that can happen to any country." I suppose that this was exact reason why few members od EAGLE HQ suggested and wanted to "delete Serbia and keep her deleted, so new players could not advance, and so they would be much weaker then new players from EAGLE countries, and for existing players to advance slower then others". I had screenshots of that conversation, but deleted it. Cause that make me angry, and I dont like to feel angry when playing a game which should relax me. But, never the less, this is the reason cause of which Serbia will have a serious thoughts about giving or not giving even 1 single region to enemy side defeated....
Vote! o7
o7 It was fun. Let's shift and balance things now.
wow eagle why so panic ? nexus fought hard and tried to comeback but u started loosing few battles and ur alliance is gone ? LOL
+1 Vtoro Kosmato Zurno.
@Marcus Crassus thats why Bulgaria is deleted and Turkey keeps making tons of damage even when we cant pass 50m alone. This was the whole tactic for Turkey and Greece thats why so many countries are deleted and no one cares about them. Now strong countries need to help deleted countries to recover cause its their fault. Its not cause EAGLE or NEXUS or TRS its global. And you all need to focus on this or the game wont be balanced and small deleted countries will never have regions. Cause a deleted country can make 50m a country that had all her regions and everything can make with 100m more just alone.
2-3 days for 4/5 top coutries destroy 4/10 top countries ? just normal
There will be no game in less than a month if this continues. Let's try a cease fire, during which fallen countries could be brought back. For this to happen, every country would have to agree with this action. It could be fun doing some kind of a World Summit.
Ex-EAGLE countrys you need reorganize and arise!, all big visa egos out Cheeky. Hail TRS!, Hail Eastern Legions! O7.
HAIL EAGLE last time. Thx for all allies o7
Rising Sun is to EAGLE what EAGLE was to Nexus.
Chirp Chirp~
Bye Eagle.
O> it is a sad day but it had to be done O>
@Vtoro TRS is coming bro endure little more Laugh So i officially become leader who destroyed EAGLE,yay me Laugh Now is time to punish all countries who bullied a long time our friends hehehehe,hope so that you are ready and will entertain my soldiers .Shiro has spoken
Vote! ő7
What about the countries your allies bullied? xD are they going to stay bullied (?
Pretty much, yes Laugh
I must admit Abe that you're great with words and creating public opinion to match your points of view. But sorry Abe, IMO you musn't misuse such great skill to twist some facts, or at least some well known things amongst the majority of players. For example, I see a paradox in your article when you mentioned "game unbalance". At first you said that your version of "game unbalance" was a CONSEQUENCE of the reasons/flaws mentioned (which to some extent I agree). But in the paragraph that follows, I get the impression that you're trying to pass the buck and try to imply as if the rise of TRS alliance is the one which causes the game unbalance instead. From my POV, it is mainly your mentioned flaw number 4 which causes TRS alliance to show up. For players from those wiped countries, the game has been unbalanced since they lost their last region. Sorry guys if I bore you with my 2 cents comment Laugh
Ah now they talk about balance and fair
We had goods moments with EAGLE. Never forget EAGLE. But now, another Era begin, with the mastery of TRS. Wink
Who said there must be balance? Bulgaria is on the loosing side and deleted for 2 months, now is our turn to be on the more powerfull side.
Thank you to all our allies eagle , it was a good experience! o7
I am so sorry because of that. Just want to wish you some good luck in order to restore the power of your states. There is no fun in kicking the opponent who is fell. Maybe we can find some wisdom, start a negotiation, stop this war and find some balance in this game. Without this, it will become a boring one, very soon.
@Shisui Uchiha - when TRS destroy all of it opponents and win in war, when all our enemies capitulate, then we can disband and we can create whole new alliances - who knows which countries can be in which one. But, before that - France is gonna pay for Spain and Turkey for Bulgaria Wink
Bye eagle, thanks allies. voted
@Marcus Crassus I understand your position. And desire for revenge. Watch te video, link is on my About me. Maybe you will be able to understand my?