JO-MoFA : Diplomatic rupture between Paris and Stockholm

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At this time, France, country member of EAGLE, is under attack of the new alliance TRS. This is also the time chosen by Jimmy86 to announce that Sweden leave our alliance. ( but for what ? :

First, Jimmy86 talk about the disloyaltie of France and of big members of EAGLE, as you can see here :

In a second time, he critics the abscense of Sweden and Venezuela in french thanks articles : 
We will immediatly reject it, Venezuela was mentioned.

In the contexte, Jimmy86 make us a critic about our no-intervention in their battles this last days; or since the Day 72 France is attacked by Serbia and is under pressure of TRS. Worst, one day after the battle of Corsiaca, where France made 243 millions of damages (400 millions for the whole day) , Jimmy was complaining about France.

But, what is the true ? France don t help Sweden ? Let us show you :

In the same time where France support Sweden in their battle, Jimmy refuse to come in our territory to give us back our help, despite our CP s requests. Why ? Because, he drains a lot of damages by fighting for his country against Ukraine, he said, and it is true we admit it. But, if we applicate this rule to our side, France drain a lot of damage against Japan, UK, Mexico and many other. But  in an alliance, drain damages is good, do damages is better.

We think, and history proof it, that Jimmy is just an egoist. He is only interrested by his country, and he can deal many damage for it, but he do not care about his alliance. If you look the total damage of him, he deals 731 millions, whose 587 millions for Sweden : 80% of his damage go to Patriot Medal. 

For KyloRen (1st damage dealer), this pourcentage is around 55%; for Miltiados (3rd) it is 37.5%; for Antoine Renard (4th) it is 55% and finally for Lord Tamaki (5th) it is 13%.

All of this confirm our theory, Jimmy is concerned by his own country. If Jimmy has been a good ally, who has talking to us without scairn, France like EAGLE s country should according to him more attention; but as good ally as we are, we all time help country who ask it, even if it s ask ankwardly, and we are sure that our ally can agree on this point. 

It is for all of this informations that we present you today, that we want to give to all the world our decision; who is to cut all diplomatic relations between our nations and with Swedish CP, Jimmy86, because if France can accept cowardice and egocentrism she can t accept the treason. 

Last message for Jimmy : you will need to find a new complaints office, because now our presidents stop to read your 50 PMs/day.


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Another country was fooled by Jimmy. I'm sorry that you followed path that was already done by Ukraine.
Sweden vs. The World
Bye bye Sweden !
Now France is understood what is a union with Sweden, and who really is Jimmy86.
There is still people that know this is just bullshit against me trying to blackpaint me. To those I care I have sent all proof they need. bye
Sorry, Jimmy, but our arguments were more significantly than your.
@Jimmy : Loool. You're all alone now with your behavior and your lies.
Les fautes d'orthographe les gars... Vaut mieux n'écrire qu'en Français quand on sait pas parler anglais. Là on passe pour des cons.