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🎉 Announcing the Grand Launch of Unity of Heroes! 🎉

Dear Players,
The day has finally arrived – we are thrilled to announce the official launch of Unity of Heroes on 21st August 2023! 🚀🎮

Embark on an epic journey filled with adventure, strategy, and heroic battles. Dive into a captivating world where you, as a legendary warlord, lead your army of heroes to victory. With a blend of RPG and strategy gameplay, Unity of Heroes offers a unique experience that promises endless excitement and challenges.

🌟 Fresh Beginnings Await You: As we unveil this new chapter, we invite each and every one of you to be a part of this exciting journey from the very start. Whether you re a seasoned warrior or new to the world of RPG strategy games, Unity of Heroes welcomes all players to dive in and experience the thrill of commanding armies, forging alliances, and conquering foes.

🔥 Forge Your Path: Set forth on a path to greatness as you strategize, customize your heroes, and lead them to victory in battles that will test your skills and tactics. Your choices will shape the course of battles, and your leadership will determine the outcome of wars.

🌐 Join Our Growing Community: Unity of Heroes isn t just a game; it s a vibrant community of passionate players, united by their love for adventure and strategic combat. Engage with fellow warlords, form alliances, and embark on epic quests together.

🎁 A World of Rewards Awaits: To celebrate our launch, we have prepared special rewards and events to thank you for your support. From exclusive in-game items to exciting challenges, there s something for everyone.

📢 Spread the Word: Gather your friends, assemble your guild, and let the world know that Unity of Heroes is here! The more warriors who join our ranks, the stronger our community becomes.

Ready your weapons, rally your heroes, and prepare for a grand adventure unlike any other! The realm of Unity of Heroes is open, waiting for you to seize your des and etch your name in the annals of legend.

Download and embark on your journey today! Use the HELO code to help yourself with some free gifts

👉 Download Unity of Heroes

May the battles be fierce, the alliances be strong, and the victories be legendary.

See you on the battlefield, heroes!
Best regards,Administration Team


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Comments (36)

We need updates here, not another minigame :-|
admin, we need you to improve this game, not sell us another game.
Jeste vi normalni? Radite isto kao ona igra zapusti jednu igru te otvara neke trece igre..
it wasnt hard to improve this game but you chose to abandon it. keep up the good work admin. Make us spend raw 700g for shitty missions and rewards. I think we should only have war of minions event from now on. its pretty entertaining to be honest, yes.
go go
Who cares for another platform. We spend our money here , so invest in this game, not another
No voted Sad
maybe u should add some stuff willing are you to code new stuff?
you cannot develop this game and maintain it for 5 years, there is not a single new player. do you want to go play another game? You serious ?
thank you, but no
admin, we need you to improve this game, not sell us another game.
Definitely a NO
admin, we need you to improve this game, not sell us another game.
Για μαλακες ψαχνετε;;;
ingame advertising another game... where is punishment for admin? ...where is justice for other players?
disgusting, you did such a good job here and erev2 and you want us to join anything this admin team is part of. LOL
Ahahaha, this announcement did NOT do well. I did TRY to play the new game but i had NO clue how to play and there was NO instructions when i was there so i just quit playing.
+1 Skirata. I prefer new features here.
Why you announce another game when you need to burn this game alive again?
Very very bad
Please, improve this game!
Ne igra mi se ni ova igra a ne još neku da igram
Only a hand full of people played on the so called Beta even if it was free to make accounts and you think relaunching it will make more play a game thats just another method for you to make money on the back of cssh spenders... muhahaha... don t think anyone bite this anymore... 🤣
Koga bili kita za tom unijom heroja.
code is wrong