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Good Evening Everyone !

We meet again ~ How s your days? Hopefully all goes well, Oh and
Happy Easter day!
lets put aside our chit chat :D

First of all, I would like introduce you, new alliance :

【TRS】The Rising Sun Alliance

Alliance structure:

Founding nations: Croatia, Japan, Serbia and Ukraine
Member nations: Argentina, Bulgaria, Hungary, Indonesia, Iran, Macedonia and Spain
TRS-aligned nations: Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, South Korea and Taiwan

we alone already strong enough, but with this alliance, we are even more stronger than before!

Whoever want to join us, feel free to come, and whoever country want to join us, you can ask
Secretary of Foreign Affairs: nakituminayashi

and, my second news is ........

jreng jreng jreng !!

We are on wars with Eagles

I know, I know, Eagles are strong, but.. The Rising Sun Alliance are stronger ! XD

Here we go !

Greece v Republic of Macedonia

Italy v Serbia

Sweden v Serbia

Canada v USA

Indonesia v USA

Japan v USA

We aren t kidding when we said we will fight with all our strengths !

and then China got Japan once !

China v Japan

Yes,we lose once, but lose once and won over ten is worthier !

And last but least !

Welcome Yakuza !
What is Yakuza ? well, if you doesn t know what is it, take a look from this article, its nice and perfectly clear, who and what is Yakuza :

Well, Yakuza is mercenary group, and its rooted from Japan, personally I proud of Yakuza because it is from Japan even tough they weren t has any relations with Japan government (
Japan and Yakuza) but I believe Yakuza is a part of Japan and Japan itself is part of Yakuza ^^

That s all,

I ll be keep in touch with you guys, so keep subscribe my newspaper, and voted it and don t doubt to commend as well

See you on next article!


YouGodMeShisui Uchiha

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