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Published in Serbia - Political debates and analysis - 24 Mar 2016 13:35 - 8

We are glad to present you this new newspaper, Ministry of Truth. The newspaper and his editors promise to say only the truth in their
articles. We hope that you will like it as much as we like write

War France - Serbia, for what ?

After the battle between Serbia and France in Corsica, it seems clear for us,
that this kind of war won't be benefit for anyone, as our damages are
similar. As a matter of fact, France has never been a foe for Serbia.
While EAGLE decide to fix the annihilation of Serbia as a goal, France
was only Pro-Member of EAGLE, and doesn't have the streng to make
opposition of this decision.

When EAGLE begins to attack Serbia, France, in desapproval, has never hit in those wars, as those screens,
below, show. One thing is sure, we are actually enemies but we can also
be in peace .



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Good times when we fought with Serbia, even thought they didn't support us when we fought with them a while back in Nexus, i enjoyed fighting alongside them sometimes.
revenge? lol
For Espana Smile
we are not looking for revange, we just want you leave Spain alone, until then we will fight... Portugal attacked Spain first and then you go to help Portugal as now we go to help Spain, we owe then thatmuch, so talk to your government and make them stop attacking Spain and we will talk Smile
Our government tried to sign a NAP between Spain and Portugal, with a lot advantages for Spain. But Spain's government refused the NAP.
they are scared
Yes the game is not the same like 2 days ago, now it is unbalansed game
Now it time to dring the sweatest french tears...oh I will enjoy it....sweat french ters is the best!!!! I will send a email to Rockefeller and tell him that french ters can make him younger.