Traitor testimony

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If anyone had doubts, tsigger is alone against enemies. The other Greeks sitting next to him have no value.

Tsigger, the man without honor and arrogant.


PANZER lllIIPANZER lllllDeo ZeusThe Shaman King

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PANZER guy please stop writing in feeds.You speak a lot bro. And if I am not mistaken some days ago you were the one that personally told me not to talk to you because I am a weak account and that I need tsigger to boost me, so get lost or accept that you agree with tsigger.
Greece is Tsigger, and you have to defeat him on the battlefield, not on the field of words.
I dont know what you have against him? He didn t cheat or did something wrong, he got his power by himself and he fight for his country there is nothing wrong with that
way to go deo zeus, for keepin peru deleted just for fun, you now defend him, congrats
I don t defend, I m telling the truth, players like him, YOU HAVE TO STEP ON THEM... and if you re not strong... talking is useless. Peru was erased for fighting, other countries are afraid to fight.
Peru have bigger balls then panzers. It s a fact
no balls from Germany nomads ? nothing new here, moving on