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 Greetings citizens of eRevollution world,

Today i present you brand new Japanese Hospital installed in Northwest Croatia:



After hard and long negotiations between Croatia and Nippon government we conclude our deal. Leader of Croatia negotiating team - BorKhan tried to bribe Nippon officials with Rakia, but honorable Nippon Samurai resisted that
treacherous attempt from Croatia.


In addition to hospital Nippon sent our specialized medic team to take care of our client until they provide their own medical staff.



About contract details :

Government of Croatia payed 230 gold to our Emperor who gave that gold on Nippon treasure account. Also BorKhan have responsibility to send 1L best Croatian Rakia to Nippon government.


We already started with new hospital project so if you want most modern hospital in your country be free to contact me and we can negotiate.

SG of The Rising SUN, vEmperor of Japan, Commander of Amaterasu, soon Party President of Amaterasu,

Shiro the Samurai 


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Glory Japan o7
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good job!
I like that medic team, i will try to convince my government to make a deal with Japans Laugh
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a true story