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The storks will return..Taraš, Serbia 🇷🇸

Taraš is a settlement, a village in Banat in Vojvodina, it is part of the municipality of Zrenjanin in Serbia and is known as the village of the stork. Taraš settlement has 1,140 inhabitants, of which 868 are adults and there are 389 households.

Every year Taraš hosts a large number of white storks and Taraš is the village with the largest number of pairs of white storks. That village also has its own family. For the sixth year in a row, in mid-March, a male white stork, whom the locals call Prvoje because of his eagerness to be the first to return, comes to his nest in Taraš at Petra Drapšina Street 3, and after Prvoje, as spring progresses, other pairs slowly arrive. somewhere around forty more white storks that, according to the European Natural Heritage Foundation, spend the winter even in Africa.

Every nest in the village is marked with a sign, and every pair that returns gets a big heart with their names on the post where their nest is. Electric and telephone poles have a construction on them where storks can build their nests without being threatened by electricity. A total of 34 platforms were installed in Taraš. Locals point out that there are no nameless families in this village, each has its own name.

Since 2015, Taraš has held the title European Stork Village awarded by the German nature protection foundation Euronatur.


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