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The Serbian army showed unprecedented humanity - it stopped the war with Bulgaria for one day so that medical aid could reach the wounded Bulgarian soldiers. This rank was later decorated by the International Organization of the Red Cross.

Specific in many ways, Serbia can boast of a unique precedent in the history of world war. At the end of the nineteenth century, during the war with Bulgaria, Serbia ceased fire for one day so that the help of the Red Cross could reach the wounded Bulgarian soldiers. In memory of this selfless act, a board with the in ion Be humane as Serbia was in 1885 was placed in the building of the International Red Cross in Geneva.

Between 1884 and 1885, Serbia was at war with Bulgaria, which at that time did not have a medical corps, so there was no one to care for or provide medical aid to wounded soldiers.

The International Red Cross prepared aid convoys with supplies ready for transport to Bulgaria, but the only way to transport them was through Serbia and the battlefield.

Then something happened that has not been recorded in world history: at the request of the Red Cross of Austria, the Government of Serbia gave the military command to stop the war for one day and opened the front line for the Red Cross to transport aid from Vienna. in Sofia, Bulgaria. Serbia did more than that: medicines, beds and blankets from its own supplies were added to the existing aid, and the Bulgarian forces received everything they needed to open a hospital.

Thus, Serbia gave its own supplies to the enemy with whom it was at war. In memory of this selfless act, the International Red Cross awarded Serbia an award for humanity.


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