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I still cannot find Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Austria...,and it's already the 13th century. 🤔

Még mindig nem találom Ukrajnát, Szlovákiát, Romániát, Ausztriát...,
pedig ez már a 13. század. 🤔


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hungarian logic level 100 BRAVO ok , so by your genial logic greeks dont exist too, right? Laugh Laugh Laugh oh god i hope your parents are proud of you
@Savz58 This is history, and this is a 13th century map! You re not a math genius either, I see!
But why does it hurt everyone that Hungary is more than 1000 years old?
even Tartarians, Sumerians and other really great empires and civilizations were extincted by God will, so who would pay a flying sh*t when will happen again with the so called modern one? The truth it is continuously burried... just check here to learn about!!
and whait if this map is from 13 ct- still i ask you- by your stupid logic- greeks dont exist because isnt in map? u see me! im slovak, im exist ps: sandor petofi was slovak too, your country history steal- original name Petrovic- try google u mental disorder
Kosova is Ottoman Sad
Savz58 Greece today is the then Byzantine Empire! Learn history and then speak, because you make a fool of yourself and shout to others how stupid you are! Laugh Slovakia has 31 years of history, shorter than my 35 year old daughter! Wink
Read more! Petőfi was born in Kiskőrös, so he is Hungarian! His father István Petrovics was not Slovak, but Serbian, his mother Mária Hrúz was born in the territory of Slovakia, but at the time of his birth it was the Kingdom of Hungary, so Petőfi was Hungarian!. I say, learn and don t make a fool of yourself!