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Dear admin,

lately you ve announced a quite bad update, adding 2 new companies, q7 airs and house. The main issue was that you didn t wanted to add something new in gameplay, just to take something that we already paid for (lowering the existing benefits for airs and houses).

After you saw (obvious) feedback from community, you ve changed the formula for airs, which was a decent solution.

But we still have the issue with houses, which for many players it s not so obvious yet:

Before: q1-q6 houses -12s each, so -72 sec recovery.
Now: q1-q7 houses will have only -60 sec recovery.

Basically now you want from us 1930 gold for a q7 house company and we will have slower energy recovery???

What s the idea? Your argument was there will be a new item, but for which we will need to pay again. So please explain to us, why to pay 1930 gold for a q7 house company if we will have slower energy recovery compared with today?

Easy solution for your calculation: keep -12s recovery for all houses, so with q1-q7 houses to have -84s recovery.

Thank you!


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Comments (19)

Lets ALL QUIT this shitty GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
grabbing my popcorn, waiting for admin s reply
admin, according to your answers, and the changes in the game, vis-à-vis the houses, you have become an outlaw. It s not nice to ask us for extra money, for worse services. You give us 60 seconds, compared to 72 with the requirement to have an extra house. Does it seem fair to you? Not the new one.
because this is an upgrade Smile)) i hope there will be 0 suckers that make these upgrades
I forgot to specify, we are the rich, and you are the poor.
So, with this new recovery, i will need what, two days to recover my full energy???
Na zapadu ništa novo
If i got it right, we will have more energy with q7 house which is a purpose of houses
@Lucifer: 1930g for +700 energy and slower recovery? The point is to not make existing items worse Smile
Let s see, take it easy... If I m not mistaken, with new update it means that each player will have -2500 energy recovered per day, that is -75000 energy per month...But admin said new POWER PACK that comes in it via events too... If he gives the possibility for each player to have 2 power packs per month in events (without paying gold or eur), so things balance because each power pack in 3 days gives 31000 energy ...31000 x2 = 62000 energy .. I think I did well maths ... , admin only has to give each player the possibility to have 2 free power packs per month ...
Larger total energy + slower energy recovery = more demand for Power Pack :-D
First of all, introducing a simple new lvl (Q) of Weapon is not even remotley a new and inovative feature. Lazy move with only one purpose, squeez more money. But, thats not the main problem here. When you re already introducing something no one wants, why complicate existing features?!? Why would you do that, I rly cant understand. If you are already doing this, then give the new weapon a higher firepower and leave the others as they are. EG, Q6 remains x2.5, Q7 can be x3 and you can increase RPG to X3.5 (like you increase Missile dmg over time). Simple as that.
@donnis, there is still a -13000 energy diference against players in these calculations. But there is another issue: the Power Pack will occupy the place of another prize no the event rewards, probably one of the good rewards (as +1 bird, +5 gems, q5 booster etc.). If we lose the +5 gems reward, then we will lose +6 temp HB per event (i.e., 6x total energy, which could reach -100000 energy for many players who have high level cat). Also it is very possible that PP will be a golden ticket reward or some thing like that... we need to wait to see
Exactly @Pony, I hadn t thought about that point .. admn didn t explain everything , we re not sure what exactly will change in rewards .
Do you guys remember when Gold Pack used to be a prize in events? Admin added the bird pet and since then regular players lost a lot of recovery from events. We tolerated that just to see admin pull this kind of card with the houses too. I don t mind paying for the game if you actually make it fun and give some stuff to us as well. If you have no hook, why should we give you our money, if your whole philosophy can be translated to a BDSM simulator...
say that it s okay, that everything can be that I have the same, if he doesn t give the pakc 2 times a month for free. Seriously? Does a clear thing change, with something that could happen? God, we are dust.
Admin: If you really want to activate the game, sell 150,000 force Starter Pack and not that ridiculous 90,000 force you have for sale.
I m sure admin is having fun reading all these articles and comments.
You know, i used to donate $$$ to the game. But, when these TAKE this thing that i worked for YEARS to get, and offer me something of less value (That i already paid for). Well, i haven t spent one penny since. If thats what you really want, well then continue. I know you have to pay $$$ to keep this game running, and i feel for you. I Know you created this game in the first place to MAKE money. Well, personnaly i think your going about it all wrong.