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Hello Admins,

I do not speak English very well, but I hope that you will understand me.
My proposal relates to the energy recovery. This is how it looks when the player completely without energy. prazana energija-d5369c.jpg

500 energy is charging 5 hours, after that we can recovery half the energy. energije-1f3d4e.jpg

However, the timer for energy recovery is not counting all while the player is not  restore energy.

Because of this players during the day lose a lot of energy. Minimum 500 energy and those who used houses and much more. Therefore, I suggest that you add an automatic energy recovery. The energy is automatically recovery if a player has a food in warehouse (without using energy drinks). With this change players not waste the time. Players would use more food and weapons, this would increase traffic to the market.

Best regards, white-0ea664.jpg



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disagreed ... if u cant check game every 5h .... so u have must have a diffrence with those who spend more time ( my english is bad too , but i hope u get my point )
its better to put on button how many energy you have to recover!
Disagreed, checking the game evry 5 hours is not a big deal Laugh
Some of us have a RL life Laugh
My English exquisite... VERY BIG POTATO EVERYDAY I EAT
Disagree,i also loose that energy,maybe more than others,but that is the point Guys with hauses loose less energy,since they can restore more at a time
Nice idea o7
at first: there allready are scripts wich recover energy automaticly... also some wich automaticly hit... second: your problem... if you arent online you get no benefits from a game...
@RAF904 Yes of course, profile must be online. It would be nice to say for the script for recover energy
do not use scripts its forbiden, if admin find you use them you could get banned