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The most ridiculous 400 gold of the game was spent in the past days.


And France was able to win only 1 territory from Denmark, paying 400 gold. He couldn t start another war for a total of 1 week.

However, if they had sent us a message and asked for an agreement for this region, we could have paid 10% and left this region completely to them for only 40 gold. Anyway, I hope they are satisfied with the Oil regions they captured by paying 400 gold.


Thinking that he made a strategic move, In order to respond to France, which threatened to completely wipe out Denmark in exchange for 400 gold and captured only 1 region as of today, we have left Denmark completely territoryless.
And we completely canceled the law offered for 400 gold.
When we liberate Denmark again, we expect France to re-execute their superior strategic moves and spend another 400 gold on a non-essential oil field.

We also offer some fighting courage to Germany, which at every turn threatens to destroy Denmark and was unable to seize a single territory during the war.


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400 golds is 50k airs, cmmon, main thing is that denmark is deleted, we know who will be next
Come baby
SIlmezsen adam degilsin amk cocugu