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Greetings eAustralia,

Last night I sat down with CP of eIndo and we spoke about a range of topics. These included MPPs, eRev alliances and also regions they currently occupy.

I am happy to report that the discussions went ahead very smoothly and we plan on having further discussions in the next few days.

Now for a quick update:


eAustralia has signed a few more MPPs to give us more strength. The majority of which were paid for privately to ensure no drain on the eAustralian budget. However future MPPs will need to come from the Australian money, so I will be looking at ways of ensuring these can be budgeted for.

Occupied Regions

As stated above, I spoke with the CP of eIndo and we have come to an agreement in regards to the regions they occupy. Later today they will be releasing one region (05.00 eRev time) in the next coming days a few more will be released. However bare in mind, unless we grow internally, we will not be able to stop other nations eyeing us off. So the plan will be a slow region release, with Indo holding some regions for their bonuses, but providing assistance militarily if required.

EDIT: Due to a 3rd party RW (non authorized), our region release will be delayed. Please do not fight in Queensland as that will ruin our chances of the hand back happening.


Now we are slowing coming back together as a nation, I have been looking at the eRev alliance s. I believe eAustralia will have a home in one of these soon and that will be on the agenda soon.


So please be patient as eAustralia is still young and growing, but as you can see we are making steps in the right direction. Stay tuned for further updates and be ready at 05.00 for the RW so you can get some medals. Also if you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments.

Rusty D
Loyal Australian.
eAustralia CP


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