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My little friends,

Sometimes we have hundreds of workers, but then we spend them and poof! We got no slaves... I mean, workers for producing all the food and airs we need.
We have the Research Center which for a somewhat expensive cost produces +1 to +5 workers per day (plus the HB), but that is not enough.

Bees are hard-workers, as many members of the order Hymenoptera (bees, ants, wasps etc., these insects with mildly poisonous stings and sometimes social groups)

So, since we have now graphics for that, what about a new pet, a bee, whose effect is daily additional workers? Let`s figure that since bees are small and colonial, the pet by self is the hive, and each level gives a new bee (aka a new worker). If that is too much, maybe they add fractional workers (as the House Factory does with houses), so after X days we get a new worker (the higher the pet level, the sooner we will get the worker).
This one is just the 2nd bee but mirror-reversed...

What about, that, Admin?? Can we have these bees as pet? It would be a small compensation since we were denied the Easter Bunny as a pet, right?
My face when knowing that we will probably have no pet bee :-(


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WOW!! Amazing idea!! I really hope the admin will add it Laugh
Yeah id go for this great idea.
Good idea o/
Good idea
Good idea
A simple but so efficient idea!