【POTUS】New Hospital, Educational Summit, EAGLE and other updates!

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Greetings fellow Americans,
Over the past week a lot has happened and I d like to give you, my fellow citizens an update regarding the status of our current government as well as our country s place in the world at the moment. So we ll start with a small series of topics that need to be addressed:

1. New Hospital and Program to move citizens
2. First World Educational Summit
3. NAP agreement between Japan, Mexico and South Korea.
4. EAGLE s current status


New Hospital and Program to move citizens


To the ones who did not know, the US government has been building a hospital to place in our current capital Nebraska. Some days ago, this construction has been concluded and the hospital is currently installed. Every american citizen currently located in District of Colombia and wishing to be moved to Nebraska in order to benefit from the new Hospital, please contact me and you will receive 0.3g which is the price for moving for one region to another.

If you are new around here and don t know how to move, you can message me asking how and you ll receive an explanation and the required money to move.


First World Educational Summit


As many countries may have realised by now, it is of the utmost importance to educate our citizens and make sure everyone is engaged into the game but now I have to ask the world this very simple question: Why do we have to rely on the admins to do it when we as a community have the necessary tools to improve the experience of this new players?

Considering this and as an extra effort to bring the community together on this issue, the government of the United States of America represented through our Department of Education hereby invites the entire world Leaders as well as their Ministers of Education for a Summit followed by an Educational convention open to the entire world which is planned to last for 7 days.

This convention is open to all citizens regardless of their country current status with the United States. The program for the Summit as well as the convention will be released within the next 24h and all Presidents as well as their MoEs will receive a formal invitation from the government of the United States to be present. This event is planned for the last week of this Presidential term.


NAP Agreement between the United States, Japan, South Korea and Mexico

As some of you may have understood, the treaty of Nebraska was only a temporary NAP between these nations and at the end of the deadline, the countries were supposed to meet in order to discuss whether to extend it or not. Due to real life reasons both me and Shiro (current vEmperor of Japan) ended up not meeting at the established deadline.

However, after a short conversation with Shiro, we have agreed to keep a lasting peace between our nations for the time being with the condition that the United States does not engage into military conflict with Mexico. As such, the United States for the time being will not be attacking Mexico.

As current President of the United States however I take the opportunity to inform my neighbors that the government of the United States is looking for a training war, preferably with a country that already has an open war with the US. This is a response to the pleads of several american citizens who have required american battles so they can develop.


EAGLE s Current Status

To the ones who don t know, Darkwish as resigned as the Supreme Commander of EAGLE, leaving me the task of leading the alliance. I will not say it s an easy job because it s not. EAGLE had some victories and some defeats and we all have to recognize that this is a game where today you win and tomorrow you might lose because country relations shift all the time. 

Regardless of the future of the alliance, what matters is the friendly relation the countries therein maintain and the unforgettable acts we have seen in the course of this world war. 

Some countries have seen EAGLE as an unreasonable alliance in the past whose purpose was mainly to delete countries, as current Supreme Commander I have been trying to make EAGLE more fair and reasonable on this department, however I will leave very clear that the future of EAGLE will be decided very soon (at the most within the next days) and whether this alliance will carry on or a different fate for it will be chosen will be at the will of all current members.


Closing side notes:

1. The balance of power is unbalanced between both alliances. I know... obvious but I guess it never was, even when EAGLE was winning.

2. Prepare yourselves... there will be an article from me with another pack of suggestions for the game :D I hope you enjoy.


Thank you and Presidential regards,


This message has the seal of approval of the President of the eUnited States



ktabSvsLeeJamal Zulu

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No Bryce, No vote.
Just to say that i was there for arranged meeting and you didnt show up,and later you didn't come to arrange new meeting so for us that Nap ended,and we dont have obligation to respect it.
We talked after that shiro Cheeky Your condition was: don't attack mexico.
that is always my condition,but we didnt make new nap.
I really have huge respect for USA organization in every game of this type. I admire you guys to be honest. No CP in game do not make such articles as you do Ab, and all in all USA community is really great gaming community in every game of this type I have played. One day I will ask for USA cs, I hope our hostilities that are in power now wont be obstacle for achieving that XD Respect for USA in game Smile
then where we get TP medals?
dree, you'll have the opportunity for that. war is coming
Marcus i support that Laugh maybe we are enemies now But in future Japan will try to fix that Wink I respect Abe as well so one day who knows Laugh I just dont like MrSharp :p
That's okay Laugh