Beautifull places in future Serbia ( Part 1)

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There s a lot of beautifull places in Serbia but i will adress several places which will belong to Serbia in next 10 days. Hope you will enjoy it, i will. 

Provance, new Serbian teritory

Govedo s tower in new Serbia teritories

Govedo s summer house where he makes ajvar and rakia

Govedo s playgroud

Govedo s playmate

Hope you enjoy in rural places of new Serbia, I will take control of my Alsace in few days.

Ереволушн је предивна игрица на којој сам стеко доста гарија, и баш се лепо дружимо, благословени да су сервери у Болечу.

The president of the Regional Council of Alsace



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lol Laugh
take popcorn
Govedo's summer house where he makes ajvar and rakia
damn thats a nice backyard you git there Laugh
Yeah don Vitoro we can enjoy there in krvavica and kožura with vinjak
Glas za servere Smile
top lel
Can I come da pecemo janje I prase dok se peče rakija. Laugh Jelisejska polja. Njaaaaaao
Nice :-)
call me pls
Voted Wink
Hail Govedo xD
lol! voted!
tlači govedo tlači Laugh
you can't even spell Provence right Laugh
Provence not ProvAnce Wink
In Provence they play Petanque and drink Pastis all times Laugh
You decided to "invade" Corse first. You will suffer for that. Then you'll try to take the south of France and most of you will die there. Then you'll go to "Bordeau" and you army will be totally drunk easy. If you just came close to Bretagne you will suffer so much that even your own mother won't recognize you. If you came across paris... Ho dude don't xD
Paris it's a joke, Parisian people was not very sympathetic and they insult you easily because you drive slowly ^^
You never take Bretagne !
Ajvar!!! now I'm hungry xD
Thx to bé jealous of my countrie
You will never win, we have the power of hearth. Smile
Damn, you're too much HUE HUE hahahaha
I feel sad for you but you can come anytime. Smile
Seems like your journey has been cancelled buddy, come by another time friendly cow ! o7
Sorry for your dream but you can still ask for french citizenship Wink
fail Laugh
Lol Smile)
yes yes, ok
LOL Smile