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Hello Everyone!
This will be the first edition of Polandball: Latin America. Each edition will have arround 5 Comics and will also include the Anthem of a country from this beautiful continent :). We will also release one on Spanish and one on English for the likings of Everyone, both editions with differtent comics so that if you understand both languages you can have even more fun! :P. I Hope you like it and enjoy the comics. i plan to release one edition Every 5 Days, so enjoy!.

Advertencia : Para aquellos hispanohablantes, por favor hacer clic aquí para la versión en Español :)
Ok then, Let s start
Official anthem of the Republic of Colombia ¡Oh gloria inmarcesible!

That s all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this edition of Polandball: Latin America


ForystEl Tarlo

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Nice. First denied!
You got my vote. Smile
Hail! Liberdad y orden
jajajaja lol XD