10 Beautiful and Wildly Underrated Cities in Europe

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Number 1
Split, Croatia
The city of Split will appeal to just about any traveller. It is known for fine dining, excellent shopping and loads of bars to choose from. The city is also home to the Diocletian s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and formerlya retirement palace built for Emperor Diocletian around the year 300 A.D. If that weren t enough reason to book your trip to Split right now, then the captivating view of the water from this seaside town will surely do the trick.

Number 2
Ferrara, Italy
Rome isn t the only Italian city with rich history, culture and architecture. Located in Northern Italy, Ferrara, a lesser-known and
less frequently visited city, is the destination missing from your summer itinerary. Ancient walls, nearly 6 miles long, surround this
city, which is filled with immense cathedrals and castles that date backto the 14th century. Every road and every building are reminiscent of
the time the city was constructed, garnering it the title of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Number 3

Gibraltar, Spain
Madrid and Barcelona may be among Spain s most amazing cities, but Gibraltar will inspire awe in even the most well-travelled visitor. Historically, Phoenicians were the first inhabitants of Gibraltar around950 B.C., but evidence suggests that Neanderthals were the original inhabitants as far back as 28,000 B.C. The Rock of Gibraltar, which borders Spain, is its only official landmark but the densely populated city is so rich in culture and history that it never disappoints.


Number 4
Basel, Switzerland
Bordering Germany and France, this multi-cultural, multi-lingual city is among the most unique. Boasting the most museums in Europe, it s a culture-lover s dream. It also happens to be peaceful and quiet with an absolutely serene atmosphere, making it the perfect getaway from everyday stressors.


       Number 5
Gothenburg, Sweden
The second largest city in Sweden, Gothenburg is known as a university town but it s much more than that. With a handfull of extraordinary
festivals, it s a vibrant and fun place to visit all year round. Gothenburg is also an exemplar of Scandinavian architectural style, richin history and culture. Known for its football and hockey teams, it s also the perfect destination for a sports aficionado.


Number 6
Vézelay, France
The city of love may be calling your name but before you book your ticket to Paris, you might want to consider Vézelay. Built back in the 11th century, this ancient city is known for its vineyards, and the famous church built for Mary Magdalene. Built on a hilltop, this town isnothing short of picturesque. Fine wine, inspiring architecture and beautiful landscapes ensure a most peaceful stay.


Number 7
Bruges, Belgium
This city may not be Europe s most popular, but it deserves a spot on your list of cities to see. Remarkably, Bruges still has most of its
medieval architecture intact, preserved better than other ancient city in the world. Between its historical appeal, breathtaking landscapes, Flemish art treasures and, of course, world-renowned chocolate, a trip to Bruges is one you won t regret.

Number 8
Dresden, Germany
Dresden was largely destroyed in the attacks during the end of World War II. Since then, the city has been rebuilt and has come to be known as an elegant and chic Baroque town. Home to some of Germany s largest universities and most renowned museums, the picture-perfect town, located right near the Czech border, flies under the radar but soars above the expectations of any traveller. Make sure to enjoy the beer gardens while you re in town.


Number 9
Porto, Portugal
If the name of this city reminds you of wine, your head is in the right place: this is indeed the place where Porto wine originates. Built
during Roman times, this beautiful port city s architecture, landscapes and history will certainly impress. Soak in the beauty of this underrated city with a glass of the finest wine and you ve got the recipe for a perfect vacation.

Number 10
Prague, Czech Republic
Though Prague is a well-known city in the Czech Republic, it s not often considered a popular vacation destination. On the contrary, Prague is
an extraordinary place to visit, rich in culture, history and magnificent architecture. Churches and cathedrals that date back to the 10th century can be seen while strolling through the city, where locals are friendly and welcoming. And if you re a fan of beer, you ll love it all the more. They serve it with breakfast here, and It s often the cheapest drink on the menu.



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yep dresden has become a very beautifull city in the last some years... prag is also a beautifull place to be... and i can recommend rotterdam (not on your list) too... its not just a city with a big industrial port... it also have some very large streets with shops and bars and pretty old buildings next to modern architecture... and very nice people are there... i was in rotterdam some years ago and didnt get how to buy a parking ticket and a nice girl bought my one without that i asked her...
Bro, why you think it these cities are underrated, i dont get it. If i had money i would deffinitly visit half of the mentioned cities what are located in Europe... But i dont know why you did choose these cities, some of them are capitols.
@megafaszomnemkeli i never be at Europe and i get my information from net . from people with knowledge , i'm sure Europe is Beautiful and there is no problem just for a title .
If you want an underestimated place in France, search for "Collioure", might be one of the best place of France Smile
Just a little error : Gibraltar is not spanish ^^ Good article, voted ô/