Letter to Admin 2

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first of all, i want to remind the first letter to Admin, i think he didnt see yet, except him everyone saw. may be he s at holiday, or busy with counting his money... 

Letter to Admin

when we join this game, desc. of the game is : eRevollution is a multiplayer strategy game that allows users to run the economy, conquer other nations, become a politician and rule a country....

Multiplayer, strategy game... Economy... bla bla bla... now all of them are big lie...

When you bring game Unlimited animals, unlimited str, unlimited energy, Unlimited DMG on battles, billions of dmg with NUKE, Billions of dmg in few seconds by dynamit... etc etc etc... how can you keep normal players in game? how can you invite new players to game?

Non gold buy players ( but they may buy pack by using gold, this turn as money to you too ) can fight 1 time at hard battle, by using all their stock for Weapon and dynamit, and then they have to wait for months to having stock again.... IS THIS FAIR and LOGICAL?

you bring dynamit, cos of your fault about unlimited energy!!!

You make happy gold buyers by this updates, you make happy yourself by their money, but if other players wont be active in game, tomorrow you cant find any player in game...

Dear Admin, may be a few players wont accept this but;
You have to remove NUKE, you have to remove DYNAMIT, you have to fix producing at my first letter...  

I m just a citizen in game, i can find another games to play.. this is same for all of us... But spend years for this game, if you really want to keep this game alive, you must understand us too.. im not sure about you but i know that all of us are open to dialogue, and if you want we can discuss about the game altogether..  

Kind Regards


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keko admin
Do you think the administrator cares about the game after closing the game registrations? 4-5 people are enough for him who give quite a solid amount of money to scratch their ego ... yours opinion, mine and most of the players don t care at all. it is no coincidence that over the years so many players have given up, and there are no new ones. The admin mainly looks at how to take money from certain players (and it s no coincidence that they became so strong), whether the game will be interesting, balanced and dynamic .... lol ask the admin if he gave free energy to the top profiles that spend the most money in the game .
@Atila, cos of this day by day players are leaving game.. others are inactive or at cave... if he s really happy with few gold buyers, and dont care the game, he can declare this
Nothing has changed here for years. If there is a new update, new changes, it is in order to remove banknote accounts and spend real money. Dynamite: a very silly introduction, although I use it often against it. you can use the dynamite an unlimited number of times, the next day again. And you have to actually use it once a week, and for the next 48 hours to be with -50 damage in battles. but the idea of ​​the administrator is to spend as much gold as possible in order to buy from it. Gold tickets, gold tickets every month, for what purpose? to spend more euros. the prizes from the gold tickets must be smaller than the regular ones, and the opposite is true. then the animals, for 20 euros you take 2 animals. perfect ... at the same time there is a weekly tournament which prize in the first place is an animal. is where is the incentive for players to chase this prize? The game is made to squeeze out certain bank accounts, we are all stuffing ..
the game has long since died thanks to the administrator and to some extent to certain players. of players who stand in the comfort zone and do not want to change anything. Especially to our friend from Greece, I suggested, your profile is the strongest and you have unlimited resources to make the game alive again, sign a PPP with 5 weaker countries, such as Italy, Estonia, Venezuela or some other countries with small populations and make a third camp. he does not want . why? other countries have been farming for months ... most players do. I am at war with Romania and I spend a lot. I have no benefit from this war and I will not achieve anything. but what if I and my friends from Germany stop fighting and waging military campaigns? . then what will happen to the game? we will all go to the farm
@Atila, with current positions, and producing, how can we fight? i dont remember when i fight hard, may be at last missions.. for months i m farming too, and i have 40k air stock only... i can use it only at 1 battle with current position, and then what will i do? again farming... this is same for all of us... i cannot blame any country, but fighting with current system is illogical.. We have to stop ALL wars until a strong and big update to game...
I forgot to mention the business packages. the dumbest thing ever added to the game !!!! who has money will produce 2x, who has no money will be stuffing and useless ... this is one of the things that must be removed ... but unfortunately it will never happen, because from there the admin receives the most money
I already asked admin to think about next: give us option to downgrade equipment set because from year ago we have a pets and equipment set after that is a uselless. But he said that he dont wont to give us option to dowgrade equipment set and earn some golds which we can invest in factories and pets if we want. So ADMIN DONT CARE what are we think8ng about the game. That is a fact
Do you really think that admin can live with the monthly payment done in erev? Anyway I agree about the lack of production for players like me. I have to stock and stock in order to make good battle sometime. But it s a free game (for me) so I can accept that admin try to get some money from it. I agree that the power given is too much but it also saves my country from wipe so... That s not so easy to judge.
I think a new minigame will solve all these problems. Still waiting for the ant and rabbit new pets, maybe a bombardier beetle which give bonus to damage under dynamite will be a good addition to this already great game
Here is your answer https://www.erevollution.com/en/article/37870
Stop spreading this. Thinking that `admin` should fix economy or something is an attempt to fool yourself and refusal to take any responsibility. You are clearly among top fighters, but you care for the rest of the players which have to stock stuff before the fight! OH GOD! UBELIEVABLE! People should stock things! You are basically saying that reality should be bent to favor everyone equally. So that there is no competitive advantage. No cooperation. No dirty tricks. No resource wars. No market crisises. No economic loss. You are basically suggesting utopia where everyone has everything. I assure you, we don`t need game like that. Especially a free one.
Well said Uladzimir Leanidavich