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Game Ideas

I study Finance/Economics in college in the states, so most of these ideas are financial ideas to increase the roleplay in the business world. For all of these I can go into more detail, but I want to keep this short. Keep in mind that this is being written mainly to the Admins, but I would really appreciate everyone s thoughts on the ideas in the comments section.

This NEEDS to happen. In vPopulus there were Organization with a variety of options, you should use their organization layout as a framework to create organizations. Orgs will really help business and companies organize their assets and will help with the implementation of some of these other ideas.Orgs should have their own newspapers, podcast, and news station too. Podcasts and news stations will be explained later on.

Staff Management:
Hire workers for your companies to increase productivity. Workers can work more than once a day. you can only hire workers in the locations of a shop. If you hire a worker in one country and want to transfer them to another division in another region/country, either that citizen pays for the travel or the company can pay for the travel cost of the player and choose the form of transportation --Transportation involves some whole other ideas if interested. Manage C-level employees that manage their specific department and can hire their own staff (staff size depends on the level of the organization, orgs can upgrade to reach more capabilities. There are a variety of upgrade option. Some will be explained later on) The C-level employees also depends on the org level. A startup doesn’t have CEO, CFO, CTO etc. from the beginning. 

I made a very intricate University system to metagame in vPop, but it can be coded into the game in whatever way you feel fit. If you want more info just let me know and I’ll share a google folder and mindmap for you to gaze over.  

Allow the Governor, the Secretary of Treasury in the USA, to manage a central bank, look at country macroeconomics stats (GDP, Employment, Tax income, Growth, Inflation,  etc..). 

Central Bank
Allow the Governor to manage a central bank for each country that will manage monetary policy for the country; controlling the money market to manipulate the national interest rate and national inflation rate to insure the stability of the individual country’s currency. 

Venture Capital: In vPop I had a Venture Capital firm to invest in other players’ organization at early stages to make large gains in the long run. In the game, people would be able to upgrade their organization into a VC Firm. A term sheet will be built into the game deciding what would happen during a company s IPO or liquidity and how the investor will choose to invest (in debt or equity). Once the term sheet is submitted, the game will fulfill what was agreed on in the term sheet when the time comes through in-game code

Angel Investing: This is where individual players can choose to invest with their own personal capital. Investor and org will sign a term sheet that is just like how it works in the above VC section. The main difference between VC and Angel Investing is that VCs invest with a fund and invest with more money. Angel Investors use their own personal money which is most likely less than a VC’s fund.

Mutual Fund: An organization can upgrade to run as a mutual fund. In the mutual fund the fund manager will manage a pool of stocks, bonds, or other securities that are offered by other in-game orgs (central banks and commercial banks). Investors in the fund will pay a x%, for example 2%, asset under management(AUM) fee which would be built into the game. Fund managers get x%, for example 20%, of the profits. The rest goes to the fund investors. Investors will be able to track the portfolio of the fund they are investing in. 

Commercial Banking
A commercial bank can be started by any person. This would be an upgrade from a standard org. The upgrade would get rid of the companies, if any existed, and would allow you to make loan, open checking/saving accounts, create and sell bonds, and have CDs the cool thing about this is for thing involving players or banks paying each other whether it be paying off a loan or the bank paying the customer the interest accumulated from the savings account it can involve a contract. If the contract is broken and one side fails to make a payment then the game takes the needed money from the guilty party and subtracts a fine. If they don’t have enough to pay the fine, then they will get a temp ban. If they continue to fail to meet their contracts the player can get longer bans or the bank could get shut down. I must add that the bank should have the paying automated since they may have many customers and not the time to manage all of them. The regular player/customer should have to manage their loans and keep track of when payments are due and should have automated payments. Just my thoughts/ideas.

Investment Banks
The banks will help larger companies with security options and investing in the market. They will also help companies get through mergers and acquisitions(MAs) of two organizations. It would be another upgraded org that has the ability to track the detailed finances of the two orgs. They get paid via a contract. The central bank and Governor have say in which proposed MAs can go through also. 

Merger Acquisitions
Orgs should be able to merge together to create larger companies or to buy out small organizations to grow their empire. The government can get involved with this to state that an MA is legal or not and won’t sacrifice the state of the economy.  

Public Traded Companies
Organizations can pay like 50g to have an IPO and have their org publicly traded. There will also be a variety of options for investors and the org. Because the org becomes public, all of it’s financial info will be public and it will have to report finances once every 1-2 months. If they don’t do a monthly earning report, then the company will be penalized financially, and the penalty will go to the government. Shareholders will be able to vote on a variety of topics to determine the path of the company.

Stock Markets
The publicly traded companies will have shares for sale on the market. The market prices of companies will depend on the performance of the company along with the buying/selling of their shares. Also, there should be a panel where players can track all of their investment and shares. 

Media Expansion
To expand the media you should allow players to upload audio for “podcasts” and upload youtube videos to create a “news station”. Both of these will be separate entities from the newspapers. Just like newspapers you would have to buy them with gold. There should also be a networking option for podcasts, news stations, and newspaper where one station can have a variety of shows to offer. An option for buying/selling/merging newspapers, podcast shows, and news stations would be neat. Another cool expansion would be for all three of them to have paid employee options for example: 
    Newspaper (written) would have editor--chief, journalists, researchers, analysts.
    News Stations (video) would have show producers, reporters, hosts, analysts.
    Podcasts (audio) would have producers, reporters, hosts, analysts.
In vPop I ran a podcast for the vUS government so I do have some experience in that aspect. 

Some More Ideas

- Shout Feed for just your country
- Think about how you can implement meta-gamed stuff into the site.- Trade deals between specific orgs, or countries
- Trade deals between specific orgs, or countries
- Ability to form alliances built in the game.
- Judicial System
- International organizations that have an HQ in one country, but set up companies in a variety of other countries. They can also upgrade companies to be like regional offices.
- The media companies can make money off of donations and ads space in their paper. Ad contracts can be set up by in-game contracts
- PACs; Super PACs; Lobbying
- Overall just more data available to the governments of the countries

Again, I would love everyone s opinion on my ideas. Thank you for reading



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Some good ideas but what about that pachyderm in the room. Games like this cannot thrive whilst there is seemingly widespread multi accounting and the ability to buy large amounts of gold. What is the point of slowly accumulating gold, using capital formation etc. for developing industries when VISA players skip straight thru to helicopters and render ordinary weapons companies obsolete. Even worse if some players can use an exploit to do this without buying gold. For non gold buyers, game-play becomes very routine very quickly.
Become a loan shark is very risky at this kind of game
Thanks for the votes and subs guys o/ @Venja The mod/admin team is working 24/7 to ban multies. I am aware of the routine problem with non gold buyers, I am one myself, that is why I want to make the game more interesting with these new ideas. Both gold buyers and none will be able to benefit from these ideas. And for ideas that don't require a bit of gold you can suck up to a gold buying friend. Laugh Thanks for the awesome comment.
Love the ideas here hope everything here is implemented then it is easy for erev party radio to gain more viewers easily
Nice ideas, but it seems that Admins have begun giving less interest in players ideas like these
Several good ideas in this article.
First vote, reading after Laugh i will tell you my opinion later o/
Look forward to hearing your opinon @Optimum