Yakuza news 3 Why its better to buy DMG from Yakuza? :O

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Hello to the people of erev, Im the Lord Tamaki leader of the Yakuza.

I want to show for you some facts like, why its better to buy DMG from Yakuza and not from lonely wolfs:

1.We are Proffessional Military Power, in fact we maybe one of the most strongest MUs in the world.

2.We tested our power in the battle at Upper Carniola for Slovenia and go wild a little, this is our stats:

3.Without using Energy Drinks, Yakuza can make 25+ Millions easy.

4.You not pay for bonus DMG from our soldiers if theyll wish for doing some extra, but you can if youll also wish for it.

5.Our price is the cheapest price in the game for DMG.

Ok, lets count how much youll pay for 25 Millions if buy it from lonely wolfs instead from us.

For now people sell 1 mil DMG for 7-7.5 gold, 25*7 = 175 gold.

For how much now you can order Yakuza DO? For only 60 gold. 175-60 = 115 gold, this is how much youll save if order Yakuza instead of finding lonely wolfs to fight for you in a battle.

What we cant offer? Attack in last minuts. This is the only minus of our MU, but for some extra golds maybe our members will do it.


You contact with me: Lord Tamaki
We talk (If youll want we can talk in IRC for more safety) and youll have options, like:
If you want our DO for already started battle its 6024, so 2.5 gold for each hour that remained but maybe youll get less DMG (Still better than buy by 1 mil price).
You can order DO before the battle starts, tell to me in-game time and i ll put DO.

Some additional Info:
We give discount to little countries so feel free also contact with us.
You can try to talk with us about other price.

Best Regards,


Shisui UchihaMiura

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That is how Yakuza is making some fun in this game Laugh
Proffessional and funny o7