Top 10 most beautiful places in Romania

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Only a few of you might know what wonderful places Romania hides.
That s my personal Top:

1.Transfagarasan Road(most beautiful in The World according to Top Gear)

2. The Corvin Castle in Hunedoara

3. Peles Castle

4.  Bran Castle (Dracula s Castle)

5. Palace of the Parliament


7. Palace of Culture

8 .Danube Delta

9. Izvorul Bigăr (Bigar Waterfall)

10. Rupea castle, Brasov



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great !!
v, congrats!
N-ai pus nimic de la mine din oraș. Nu votez Smile
I sub you 22 to 23 and vote from 7 to 8
da,le stiam si eu pe astea Smile
a lot of castles, nice places at all, like to visit them o/
You guys don't have 10 without Transilvania. But great article... Cheeky
Its rather Vajdahunyadi vár, than Corvin castle. It was built by the hungarian Hunyadi dynasty. The Castle Peles was built by a german,who was asked to be the romanian "king", because in europe noone wanted to talk to a dirty móc . Romanians are only good at goat fucking.
Kuruc2 e doar invidios
Of course Sar.
so suit pistha pee caaaal, si se uita in ardeeeaaal.... Laugh
Well, it's not good to provoke me.
szőröstalpú országrablók
Battlehero Your country never ended a war on the same side where started since it exists LOL