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Published in Peru - Political debates and analysis - 19 Mar 2016 23:02 - 16

A new robery in Peru. CP is banned. Admin should investigate Congress also. Who is attacking Peru? Admin, answer please!


Alejandro MadridCaptain Harlock

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Support for Peru o7
Admin should answer who is hidding himself behind this team of multis!
support for peru o7 interesting why you let a ppl just join the game one day then be a CP
cuz Jose /emocry when he was in government. Even that he wrote in last article
We need people here. If we are don't let them , we will never have a community here. But they need to prove themselves, not to make some robery!
So if you are most active in peru, u can take this job, dont u?
I don't wanna to be a President, just need more people here to take country and responsibility. When we find a suitable person for CP, I will resign.
So if you dont want be a president and have responsibility, why you are spamming in chat and article about robbery? Said once and ok. If have time for spamming, u should have time and to run country with some ppl in it.
You don't understand. I will not let the robery to go unpunished. Maybe you support cheaters. I don't like your spam, but I didn't complain! If you don't like it feel free to leave the game! Maybe you are hidding behind this multis Godlaikas?
Maybe I am hidding behind them, maybe not. Want some gold maybe?
Don't need gold of cheaters and haters.
I am not saying i dont like your spams, i dont care about it. I dont like worthless spams, like your. You cry only, but dont act at all
Your s4s is the most valuable one. Please write your article, I will give you a sub, vote and lot of comments, just stop your spam here.
Even stupid s4s spamming is more worth than your cries Laugh
Please Godlaikas, calm down. Let the man do his job. If none of this concerns you, why are you bothering yourself? Support for Peru!