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This is a new beggining 

Pay 2 win is over, real players power is gonna dominate for the next era and it s only natural to be this way: 20 RL players must always beat one crazy visa spender

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iar nu ai pus poza cu mine? Surprised
fake2win vs pay2win fake horde won!
ha ha ha bozgorul crapa de ciuda
Seeing it from another point of view, i see almost the same amount of damage between romanian top 8 and tsigger, but who spent more stocks for hits? How many hits he needed and how many you did? Who will be empty sooner or later? Also some of nukes were bought, so stop talking about buyers, not only you but everyone. You can t blame buyers and the same time to buy nukes, it s a shame!
A se nota ca am dat 15 miliarde
Are people like @Nairobi always this delusional?
I think the point of your article is kinda missed by some. In every game are players who for whatever reasons do not want/like to invest rl money, as there are players who again for whatever reasons invest rl money ingame. None of them should be blamed, its a personal decision. What it shouldnt be normal is for a player, any player, regardless of side, to be able to win a battle alone. The whole point if this game is community, that is why most players fight for their country, their mu and so on. Even if ppl like it or not, games cant survive without visas, someone has to pay for servers, in same time thou in a community game number or players should weight more than how much you are willing to spend. A spending cap its not a good business model, we are all aware of that. What can be done, in my view, it would be that once a player reaches a certain thresholds of damage, his/hers influence to gradually decrease in battle. You could fight as much as you want, you could buy as many packs as you want, but alone, without community, allies etc you couldnt win.
Someone lie here, lets see,MrBogdan says 60 active romanians, wrriter of article says 20, meanwhile startpack babies arent babies, they are old players that made multies to get free SP and ref golds, this is baby that shooted like hell yesterday and day before, keep going romanian babies, i knew this was so called georgian baby boom
@Didey walk a mile in my shoes and then come to answer to me about what i posted.
20 in this battle Helsinki Smile)
@Nairobi, I can t walk a mile in your shoes, they would only cover half of my big toe. PM me when you have big boys shoes.
I love you very much too Smile