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Hi ,
Lately we have seen some updates in the game, like for example , players who have more than 5000 health now use 1000HP with each time
they click fight except if they have less weapons or health.

This means that we now have battles with much more damage than before,
Example, in the last 2 days we had 2 epic naval battles :

1 375 000 000 000 damage in Naval batlle here

1 800 000 000 000 damage  in Naval batlle here


My suggestion is  :

It s time to add epic battles in game

For Land Batlles , would be considered epic when there were  more than 2 000 000 000 000 damage

 For Naval Batlles , would be considered epic when there were more than 1 000 000 000 000 damage

When that happens, the battle would be considered Epic and :

1-Defensive System (if it existed) would cease to exist in that battle, that would make the battle even more epic and interesting

2.Players who fought when the battle was epic would have 2x experience and 2x rank points

There would also be an ingame ranking with the most epic battles


I think these ideas will make the game a little bit more interesting,



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voted ......and fix the rank in naval...points is stay in 99.999.999.999...i have already 320b points rank in naval
vote for epic! Limit p2w!
sounds good
I agree but would add something else... the people that fought untill it was made epic.. to recive a % of XP when it turns epic. Not fair if 10-20 people fight hard, make it epic... and after that 10-20 just get extra points altought they had no dmg untill then Another thing: Give gold to top of battle... if 1st place is 5 gold, 2nd is 3 and 3rd is 1 or smt like this
And they should limit number of nukes per battle fot each player
Delete game
can make nuke company
Delete game
Epics are killing games. Communicating necessity to fight in this or that battle to average player has always been among the less easiest tasks. Anyone above average but not in top tier will ignore any meaningful fight for sake of epics. Later, epics will become fixed matches. Also,
Epics will simplify lvl-up for multies. To remind, You cannot donate to country treasury below lvl 45 and use MM before lvl 35. This makes you either methodically stick to the game or search for community. Contrary to proposed, I suggest should more damage be dealt in battle, the harder it will be doing it further, so that only really interested parties continue, not the whole damn server. This opens new tactical move - make it EPIC so that everyone retreats, because there is no more rank-up, no more medals for damage, no xp gain. Only those who need to win it - continue. At the same time, DS deactivation is fine and values for epic activation should be less, say 500kkk. I also suggest that for server3, logarithmic learning curve is introduced with milestone levels being adjusted based on top 100-1000 players average formula. Strength equalizing is fine, but there should be more.
Plato approves this idea