The Heart of Egypt

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Everything was fine in the peaceful Egypt, but everything changed when the Greek nation attacked !

The First Order, under the command of the cruel Kylo Ren, invaded the country causing death and destruction.
But oddly there were no egyptians on the battlefield, or nearly, just one, the fucking patriot

But why only one egyptian try to confront the invaders ? Are they coward ? No they are pacifists.
No allies, no enemy, those things are pointless when you just want the peace

God they are so kind, what a wise country

But at least Cratos beat the farmer 

Green Thumb :)


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Article kolossal, tu vas monter rapidement en notoriété. :oui:
The colossal newspaper :cool:
Pray for little Egypt Sad
La Grèce s'amuse en Egypte, alors que la Pologne et l'Italie se font piller par l'Ukraine et la Serbie, normal quoi.