In The Name Of God

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Hi to all , friend or foe , all around the world

The Art Beyond Border magazine begin its career from this day on forbearing any border,any war or any political engagement.
This begining sync with Nowruz which belong to every one whospeak persian all over this planet and first day of Hijri calender.

I congrats this day with presenting the quote from the Great Cyrus ,the legitimate founder
of this tradition,which says:

those who are in the heart of others with pure thoughts and beautifull mettle are never afraid of become forgotten because
they are indeed eternal

This magazine will do its best to introduce one or moreoeuvre at least two times a week, oeuvres which reach the norms and in case of
being valid on the internet we will provide you the download link.

at first and in first paper it is important to mention someregulation for this magazine:
1.each section of art,as long as history,contains of manyheroes who are well-known and popular but here we try to introduce the oeuvre
that stay unseen or less-seen so be patient if you didnt find your hero in this
2. Oeuvre selected concerning the personal idea of theauthor and the oeuvre which he had faced,although it is the result of working
on this field for over a years but do not count it an specialist idea and in
addition always assume that it is not a force to check all oeuvres.
3. We need your help to send or introduce us the bestoeuvres of your country to be used in this magazine.
4. My dear friend R3zA assisting me intranslating this magazine from persian to english however if we made any
mistake in translating forgive us by your greatness.
5. One of the important goal of this magazine is to familiarize you with the pure art of different nations so spend more time in perusing the oeuvres of other nation than yourself.



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salam dadash sharmande man vaght nadaram beshinam tarjom konam farsish ro benevis makhsoosan alan ke rooz namat iraniye