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New programs and plans for the future of the Federalist party

Good evening eAmericans we are having new plans and new programs that will bring back the Federalists Party to its former glory First we need to re organised the party leadership since most of them left which will why you may have noticed a lack of activity in the party itself. So we need new innovative and hard working leaders in order to succeed which is why I plan on running for Federalist Party President this month. 
So if anyone is interested please apply for party leadership so PM me and sent what position you want in the party

Party President- Arith 
Vice Party President - Vacant
Political Director - Vacant
Recruitment and Retention Director - Vacant
Media and Communications Director - Arith
Fun and Games Director - Vacant

So please sent you application to me so that we can try to reorganize our selves for the benefit of the party and eUSA 
Now on to other news hmmmmm Yes that is eRev radio we have plans to do something that will encourage participation in the radio by offering a competition next week and WIN BIG PRICES still we haven t decided what will the competition be yet so there is a little heads up for you to get prepared next week 
If you want to know what time will the eRev party radio show be on air read this article then http://www.erevollution.com/en/article/3515

eREV PARTY RADIO EPISODE 11 will begin shortly :D

So enjoy the show :) 


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Wow look at that stacked cabinet Laugh Good luck with your term Arith
good one
Good Luck!!! I definitely did not see that coming