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Greetings eAustralia,

I am still suffering from the effects of food poisoning, so this will be a brief update. But I want to ensure eAustralia that your government is still hard at work.


As you might of noticed, I have proposed a renewal of our MPP with Argentina. This is something we Australia and Argentina both want.

I am also in the process of negotiating 2 new MPPs, these new MPPs will ensure we have strength in negotiations and also strength in battle. Plus it allow our MU s to set Daily Orders with out the need of moving regions.

As these MPPs come up, I will inform the public about them and ensure you know what and why to vote YES to the MPP proposal.

Our Regions

Currently we are partially occupied by Indonesia. Do not get me wrong, I am not happy about this, but it is good they have not completely wiped us and allow Australia to hold at least one region for governance. Later this week I will be opening up negotiations with Indonesia to see about having a few more regions released, so we can start to grow again. But keep in mind, we need to grow as a community as well as a nation. There is no point in having 5 regions, if we only have 4 or so active players.

Government Positions
If anyone is interested in helping out in government, plus comment below.

Thank you all
Rusty D
Loyal eAustralian


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I am ready to become defense minister
or minister of education
Brief update, vote Yes to the France MPP