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I received a temporary ban (for one day) between 7 and 8 PM on Wednesday. It should have been expire on Thursday evening, but it expired only Friday morning. Moreover the explanation of my punishment was fictional. When I contacted the admins, they didn’t reply at all! Did I cheat? Not more as the other players of the eRev world. But the others didn’t receive temporary bans. And I was banned during an important battle: Hungary against Greece. Those who buy gold for money have different conditions than those who just want to play for free. Some people allowed enticing 100 golds but others mustn’t even 1. It can be stated that the admins cheat for some countries’ or players’ favor on purpose. I am not the first, who notice this and I am not the first who was discriminated and not the last. I know that is impossible to convince the admins these problems, but this situation is not OK. They should be banned! :D


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Tudod hogyvan ez, csak nyeld le a keserű pirulát amíg az adminok csak belenyúlnak a dolgokba nemlehet semmit csinálni maximum a lábaddal szavazhatsz. Amúgy én is kaptam már tempban-t a mai napig nemtudom mit csináltam, a lényeg az, hogy egy folyamatábrát kéne csinálni azt csakmegértik, hogyha nemkapunk információt , hogy miért kaptuk a ban-t a jövőben is elkövetjük ők pedig hibásan és gondatlanul végzik a munkájukat.
Amikor láttam, hogy Biskvit admin itt már fogtam a fejem Laugh
csokolom, van répatorta?,