WHPR All Quiet on The Western Front

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Today s Date: 3/18/16
Author(s): Apollos, White House Press Secretary
Topic(s): Peacetime strategy, Economy

Happy Friday, all!

Time for your regular WHPR update. Please be sure an check that you are subscribed to the paper, as it will provide valuable information and insight directly from the USA President and Cabinet!

Since the multiple-front war ended, things have gone will for the eUSA. We have re-captured lost lands via resistance war, leading to a great opportunity for True Patriot (TP) medals and gold. This has been a prosperous week and a half for our engaged citizens as the result, and the manifest des for our nation has been re-fulfilled. We are grateful for the allies who have fought alongside us and strengthened our borders!

Given the prosperity that we have recently encountered, please be sure and continue to contribute to the eUSA economy. If you ll notice, prices for goods are way down, and products have been slow to sell. Presumably, many of you now have the means to create your own food, and have been holding off purchasing weapons in the absence of any immediate threat. I d like to caution you against this approach is this sounds like you! Nothing wrong with making your own food, but consider purchasing SOMETHING from the market as you do. Maybe you could use some guns, tanks, or heli s (a well-armed militia is often key to survival in this sort of game). Maybe you could save on labor costs by buying raw material from the market instead of making it yourself. Maybe you could consider buying goods low now, selling high for a profit later. A healthy economy sees both buying and selling. If we all start working only for our own good, saving everything we have, the economy will suffer. When the economy suffers, the citizens all suffer due to a lack of interest, employment opportunity, and availability of goods.

That said, enjoy the temporary lull we are now experiencing, but use the time of peace to fortify our country as a whole. Thanks for being an excellent community of players, and for your continued efforts to make the eUSA the greatest eNation in the game!


Stay awake, eAmerica!




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