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La France n oublie pas...

La France aime beaucoup la Croatie et nous savons que nombreux croates nous apprécient également. Nous sommes reconnaissant envers certaines MU Croates d avoir combattues à nos côtés alors que leur gouvernement était en train de partir dans le camp adversaire. Ils sont restés fidèles à leurs valeurs. 

Alors à nos frères croates qui veulent garder cette amitié : vous pouvez rester dans EAGLE ! C est pourquoi, pour ceux qui n accepte pas la position de leur gouvernement, la France est prête à vous accueillir :)

Le formulaire de contact se trouve ici : http:// /forms/gyb57Ogt3T ;)

France doesn t forget...

France loves Croatia and we know that many Croats appreciate us too. We are grateful to some Croats MU who fought by our side when their government turned to the enemy camp. They stayed true to their values.

For our Croats brothers who wants to keep this friendship: you can stay in EAGLE! That s why, those who do not accept the position of their government, France is ready to welcome you :)

The contact form is here : http:// /forms/gyb57Ogt3T ;)

Rejoignez-nous sur le forum (n oubliez pas d écrire lu et approuvé au topic du règlement) ou IRC en cliquant sur les images :)


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On vote en masse !! Objectif TOP 5 international Wink
HAIL Croatia ! HAIL France ! HAIL Baguette
Voted. French people are gratefull to their allies !
France and croatia STRONK !
Thank you allies of France !! Hail Eagle !! o7
I think that Croatia choose to left the dark side and join light forces of clever french wants that Croatia people splits on several groups in order to destroy and minimize influence of croatian society. Too bad that french guys are not smart, I seek for worthy opponent in this game!
This troll
Thats becouse they didnt have where else to fight, couse of lack of MPPs. xD But nice try..
Govedo for Nobel Peace prize. Such altruism and compassion for the Croatian community from a Serb. I'm really touched. #Govedo_for_Nobel_Peace
That govedo troll x)
Nice try Wink
Did you make sure that Croatians have wiped their ass's before you kissed them there?
some serious backside kissing here Laugh
I feel good in Paris, whatever you think Smile
We arn't "backside kissing" here, we are only pointing out an option, without material proposals or attractive offers ! Think before you spit !
hail croatia ! hail eagle !
Hail France! Hail Croatia! Hail Eagle & Allies! Haters gonna hate. Don't mind their jealously.
Hail Croatia! Hail France!
Nope, Emerodh - you are just kissing ass's here Smile And thats the main difference between eFrance community and eSerbian community in all games of this type. We have dignity. When some country leave alliance and go to opponent side- we call that backstabbing and we dont kiss their ass (most common phrase in all games of this type which determinate actions of this kind that French MoFA just did) in hope we could get maybe bit of their dmg and in hope we wont ruin the bridges that conected us before (with that "betrayal country"). We are not hypocrites. Cause, you know- if in future we go again with that "backstabbing country" in alliance- thats just cause of mutual interest that will emerge at that specific point of time. Only interest, no love, no hatred, no friendship, no need for kissing ass's Kiss
Hail serbians trollers ! (oops two times the same word) Hail Croatia
We arn't hypocrites at all, can't you hear that the Croatian people don't agree with their government ? Your argument is invalid and your attitude shameful, what about being a bit respectful ? Try to get a drink or smth, hang out maybe
Il est facile d'être bon alors il est bon , la peine révèle les heros. Nous les verrons bientôt. +beau graphique
Me pica un huevo
we fighted for you cos of MPP and couldnt fight for anyone else without moving... and show me battles where France was attacking for Croatia... Hail TRS !!!
CROatia siting on two chairs again Smile)))
ER0sensei, relax bro- your ass was just kissed by French high polititians XD Kissed by MoFA, kissed by "King" LOL
Why so many SERBIAN speak for the CROATIAN people ???
Hehe, there is the third flag which is common in all screenshots Smile
ya chupasela
@Casadeli: Latvia is also in our heart but your country is not a serbian slave. Wink
Hrvatska stronk ! Baguette stronk ! Hon hon hon ! =)
I wish all these people could know what GOVEDO means.
@el Macedonico, what does it mean?
Hrvatska stronk ! Baguette stronk ! Hon hon hon ! =)
Cry,cry,cry but we comming soon ,and you will be deleted for long time .
Baugettes & Croassians
Why do BABO, Marcus and plenty other Serbian players type nonsense. If you have nothing smart to say don't write a thing. Weird ppl :
Ero stfu u little fag. HaiL eagle o7