The Grey Lines

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Published in France - Political debates and analysis - 17 Mar 2016 10:24 - 31

It s time, it s real. The Great Baguette is here.
We don t need weapons or swords, we have the Baguette.

It seems Kylo Ren think like us.

People of France is strong. People of France is not afraid.
People of France is ready to fight until death.

Even kids are ready

Enemies of France, you can still give you back.
It s not a shame, it s only be realistic.

Hey ! It s Tomislav Nikolić, the President of Serbia, it seems he like baguette.

So, don t forget. You can t avoid the Baguette.
Baguette is universal.


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Vive la baguette !
ô7 baguette
o7 hail france true friends
#BaguetteIsComing The baguette is the origin of the world Laugh
the return of the Baguette
#baguette#France#Freedom !
La Baguette t'a choisi, Harry !
Keep calm and eat #Baguette
@Leo: "C'est la baguette qui choisit son sorcier, Harry". :p
ô7 !
lol Un excellent article! Vote
LOL Cheeky
The establishment of Japanese Merchant's Guild
who cares here for Nikolic lol
Do even know what cuming is? xD
@Gamingspree: Yes we know :p
LoL People of France is ready to fight until death LoL LooooooooooooooooooooL #JesuisGovedo
@Gamingspree : Yes we know... So as your girls Laugh
Hail France! Hail Eagle! Hail Alliance & friends. o7
Hail baguettes and turkeys :d wildfire be with you
Baguette Laugh Omelette du fromage Laugh
Le lol
why ooh you change your titless ohh ? before it was baguette is cuming ?
politicaly incorrect
Because Marcus Crassus cry a lot and moderators give me the order to change it. Smile
give marcus share a bite, biiitee my long baguette.. !
are *