Agreement between Serbia and USA

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This agreement is between Serbia and USA

1. Pact of Non aggression - After Serbia and USA take the regions they both want, Serbia and USA will not attack each other. Serbia will attack USA, only if someone frees a region via RW (but Serbia will only take that region which they lost). Serbian allies will not attack USA and Serbians will not interfere in USA battles by fighting opposite side.

2. Pact of protection - Serbia will fight for and protect USA in its battles if USA is attacked by any other country.

3. Rent - Serbia will pay USA rent of 400 gold per month for occupying all USA regions except the two regions occupied by Bosnia (Texas and New Mexico) and the regions which USA will keep under its control (South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkanas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Jersey and Rhode Island)The rent can be agreed for another month at the option of both parties with a 20% raise.

4. Q5 Hospital - Serbia will install Q5 hospital every 20 days in the region to be confirmed by USA.

5. Tax refund - Serbia will give USA 100% refund if USA citizens work in Serbia and Serbia will give USA citizens 8% refund if they pgrade or build companies in Serbia and provide screenshots for proof in both the aforementioned cases.


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Nice o7
I agree with this Pact/Agreement CP of USA
Signed by MoFA of Serbia
Good news, voted o7
Signed by CP of Serbia
No Comment
Hmm I think this was nice move by Serbia Smile
They could do it long time ago, but whatever... it s a good deal.
Signed by MoFA/MoD of USA
Signed by no one important of Serbia
Srpsku zemlju ste prodali!!!!
svetu crpcku zemlju...
Go figure, renig again.