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Hello, I'm the Yakuza leader the Lord Tamaki.

In the past you maybe knew me as Kami Neko but this personallity is gone forever, i return to the game because much people asked me (too much), but with few conditions.

One of them is in new personallity, now we are MU that not part of any politics and Japan.

We called Yakuza because our roots from Japan but in the future we maybe'll move to other country if Japan will not have good conditions for us.

Yakuza is an MU that focusing on having fun and selling dmg around the world (If you want to Join Skype is necessary)

We not have a price.

You choose how much you want to give for us and can, we fight for the one that gives the much.

We accept contracts every new day in-game time, that means if you want contract for 17.03.16 you need to send request before the time 00:00 that means 23:59:59 or when the previous contract will be over.

If you'r country dont have MPP with Japan or if you both have MPP with Japan. You'll need to pay 0.6 gold for every member in the MU (Travel to your country and back after battle ends), that means if we have 20 members you'll need to pay 12 gold 0.6*20=12.

(Little countries maybe will get discount on DO because they not have much gold)

Every new day  we'll choose the one with best conditions and send to you a message, after the current order will be over we'll put your DO request.

Order our DO before you made the battle and not in process of it because you'll get our DO for less time.

Some Info:

1.Yakuza MU is not part of Japan, but we have contract with Japan. They accept people that want to be in Yakuza and we fight for Japan if someone attacks them.

2.We not accept orders against the country we in (For now we in Japan what means we not accept order against Japan because it'll not let to us hold "1".)

3.We choose which request to accept and which not so if you're someone we not like we'll not accept your request.




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Don Tamaki banzai!
All the polution in this world me just cant stand it
Good luck, and welcome back, Lord Tamaki Smile
Do not leave game again with quick moments. We need smart people here Smile
Kamasutra is back!!!!
Tao Smile o7
GL o/
welcome back, the game is fun again Laugh
Welcome back, Lord Tamaki!
Its obvious that other person is playing this acc
If you have a new personallity, did you forget the old insult?
Judging by his avatar Supermen is very scared ^_^
ZZzzZZZZzzZ Pote de humo