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Hello everyone, let s see what is going on North Korea!

a) Pyongan
After a major diplomatic issue, finally Pyongan is back to North Korea! Long conversations with Japanese and South Korean government were necessary to reach this fair ending. We all cheer the returning of our historical capital in our hands!
I would personally like to thank Shiro, nakituminayashi, Crnobog and Jungrim - besides all governments envolved - for this (NK, Japan and SK). You certainly took main roles in this situation and helped a lot to this happy ending of story!
Tons of helicopters, food, conversations and good willing were used on these days, but finally everything is back to normal.
(I propose a toast to Shiro, nakituminayashi, Crnobog, Jungrim and, of course, all North Korean soldiers!)
b) Congress Elections 03/2016
I would like to congratulate all new congressists of this new legislature! We have a lot of work to do for North Korea on eRevollution! I m sure that we all want the best for our country, and I hope I can keep a good conversation with all of you.
And please, if we do not know each other, send me a PM or talk to me @ on iRC. (I m Bradoque and I m often on #er.nk or #erevollution)
I d like to say that I am going to use PMs and party news feed to keep you informed about any government issues.
Finally, we re always looking for new government staff. If you are active, has a little bit of english knowledge and wants to help North Korea, PM me and let s talk about taking a role in the government. Why not?

c) New MPPs
We signed two new recent MPPs: South Korea and United Arab Emirates. These alliances are very important because let us fight on TW, help our allies when needed and, of course, let us count on them if we got any military attack on us!

Well, That s all for now. =) Thanks a lot!


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Hail North Korea!
Nice one!
Congratulations. I trust it will be start of powerful alliance between SK and NK. we are Korea. we can do moret thing than it hasn't succeeded in real life.
Congratulations, and thank you Smile
have beer have vote Laugh Also many CP-s can learn from you diplomacy and achieve their goals with your way.Tbh our former Emperor Kami ordered liberating NK and with great help and understanding from SK we make that happen,so now we just continue in that way. Shiro has spoken o7
Hail North Korea!